Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's catch up a bit!

Forgive me for the lack of content around here. We have obviously been busy! I've been reading blogs and browsing the internet lately from my phone, making it inconvenient to post anything or comment on all my favorite blogs. For the last few weeks, I kept telling myself I needed to blog- but days passed, weeks passed and before you know it, a whole month had passed.

So. It's been a crazy month. A few weeks ago, Jon left on business for a few days leaving me and the kids at home. Normally, I wouldn't sweat Jon leaving because I have an abundance of family that are always willing to help out if I need it. But this time, he left right before a major snow storm, and we were snowed in the house for two whole days. On the third day, one of my brother-in-laws came to shovel my driveway just so I could get my car out of the garage. It was sun up to sun down with my kids- no breaks to be had. The house was a hot mess, and I was an even hotter mess (Like, I was lucky to get one 5 minute shower in 3 days). It was rough, but we all survived. And I am ever so grateful to have a husband who helps me out so much.

Oddly enough, within a few weeks, we saw a 95 degree temperature jump and have barely spent much time indoors in the past week! It was -17 degrees the week prior, so it felt like summer when went to the zoo on Thursday. It's been in the 60's and 70's the past few days and we're loving it.

Little miss Kylie slept through her entire first zoo trip. She is getting so big, so fast. She weighed 10 lbs 13 oz. at her 1 month appointment. She still sleeps most of the day, but since she's 6 weeks old now, I have a feeling she'll be sleeping less during the day and we'll start seeing more of her little personality.

I have so much more to document and write, but it sounds like Kylie is in need of attention. I've definitely got my hands full but wouldn't have it any other way! Until next time! =)


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