Monday, November 23, 2009

Project snippets.

It's a short work week this week, and I've got a few projects brewing!
I picked up 4 of these raw wood mirrors from Ikea (from our Seattle trip a few months ago) and I haven't done anything with them yet. They're getting stained this week and I think I have the perfect place for them!

And a little bigger of a project- this curio cabinet that I've debated about selling on Craigslist. It's in fantastic shape, but one of Jon's customers didn't want it so he brought it home with him. We've had it a few years now, and I absolutely hate that its that orange-y oak color that was popular in the early 90's (even though it doesn't really show in the picture). Jon took all the glass out, so I'm ready to sand it and give it a darker stain color which will make it look more polished and updated!

Stay tuned! =)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's talk Black Friday.

This time of year it's hard to watch T.V. without seeing a department store's commercial advertising their doorbuster deals and steals. It seems as if the top stories on the news are constantly about "who's Black Friday ads have leaked" or the hottest toys that are flying off of the shelves, right?
I used to work retail. 7 years to be exact. And for that reason, I can't seem to get into the whole 'shopping before the sun comes up' thing. I can't justify dragging myself out of my cozy, warm bed to go stand in line with a bunch of crazies fighting over 3 dollar DVD's at Best Buy. I just can't.
A department store at the mall I used to work at didn't typically open early on Black Friday (the horror!) . And because of that, we had a lot of customers who were rude or upset because they had to wait until 9am to shop with us, when they've already been shopping for 6 hours. I'll admit- the only perk showing up to work to surviving Black Friday was that hefty commission check that I would be getting.
Maybe some year I'll venture out at 3 am- but this year I'll be hibernating in my king size bed (with flannel sheets, and warm down comforter) on Black Friday. Will you be shopping on Black Friday? What deals are you standing in line for?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The party is on!

Cameron's first birthday party, that is! I haven't decided on a theme, but I am thinking maybe Mickey Mouse- he really enjoys watching bits of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the mornings I'm off. I designed a simple, quick little invite (literally took me 10 minutes, ha!) for the party, and now we just wait!

And bear with me- I've been a total blog slacker lately. I promise I'll start posting more regularly soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cameron, my little hoarder.

I have been missing my car keys for quite some time now- since Labor Day, actually. I remember we were headed out to the lake for summer's farewell and I couldn't find my keys anywhere. I give them to Cameron sometimes to play with while I need a few minutes to do something without him holding onto my legs and dragging behind me, so I figured they were around somewhere. I looked, and looked. EVERYWHERE. I turned up the couch cushions, looked under the bed, in my car, and other places I thought they could turn up. Nothing. I gave up hope sometime around mid- September.
Fast-forward to today- my husband loses the last set of his keys to one of his trucks. He is tearing the house apart too, and stumbles upon MY keys, MIA for over 2 months! And where did he find them? In a little trench in the couch (not sure how I missed it!) with a few of Cameron's socks, and a squirty bath toy. Hmmm. I find his little socks in the most random places, so I'm pointing fingers at the cutest little boy I know. =) I didn't care so much about the keys on it (I have multiple spares) but I had a Jayhawk keychain on it that I've had since I was in 6th or 7th grade-long before I could even drive! So glad I found them!

Friday, November 6, 2009

11 months, one day.

At this time last year, the husband and I were trying to enjoy 3 more weekends as a twosome. Turned out we actually had 5 more- little did we know that this little... er, big guy was going to be so late.
Now, we can't even imagine our lives any different!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Call me crazy. I reeeealy want to put up my Christmas tree today. I'm going to wait, but I still want to. I'm so excited about Christmas this year, mostly because Cameron is getting some cool stuff and I want to play with it already!

I don't really get into Halloween much and I wasn't going to spend money on a costume for Cameron, but our neighbors had a little Tigger costume that their son wore when he was Cam's age, and they let us borrow it. We dressed him up and went trick or treating with a few kiddos in our 'hood and Cameron LOVED it. He just sat in his stroller the entire time, kicking his little feet and chewing on candy wrappers!

I am itching to re-do Cameron's nursery. I want to repaint, and make it into a big boy room! I don't want to make it overly "themey"- as I'm sure I'll have to endure years of trucks/Transformers/whatever movie Disney puts out theme in the very near future. Maybe just some new DIY wall hangings, new sheets, and some cool blue paint. Surely I could do this for under $100! Maybe after the new year when things quiet down.

My mom has been in Africa for a few weeks and gets back on Friday. She was born there and lived a lot of her childhood there (my grandparents were missionary doctors). When she gets back I'll definitely share a few pictures here!

Time changes certainly aren't what they used to be. Back in college it meant a real, whole extra hour of sleep and an extra hour at the bar. Now it means Cameron's sleep schedule is completely out of wack and he's ready to play at 5:30am. ARG! I hope this doesn't last long.


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