Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm becoming one of "those" moms.

Y'know... those moms.
The type of mom who I used to give a huge eye roll to when they would do something that I swore I would never do when I became a mom. You know the type. And if you don't have kids, you're probably guilty of mumbling a form of the following statement: "I'll never do that when I become a mom!"
The backstory:
The year was 2005. I wasn't married yet and I didn't have any children. I did, however, work in a nice department store selling men's and kids shoes. It was a great job- I made good money and I often fed my hard earned dollar right back to the store where I worked. Anyway, one of the biggest pet peeves I had from working there came from "those" moms who shopped with their kids there. Most would buy their kids a pair of shoes, and I wouldn't see them again for a few months. And that's how I liked it, thank you. But there were a select few (what I call "those" moms) who would shop the clearance table for cheap off-season shoes that their kids could wear the following year. And our conversation would go something like this:
That mom: "Excuse me, Miss?? What size will my child wear next winter?"
Me: "Um, yeah... I couldn't really tell you that for sure."
That mom: "Well, he's 3 feet 5 inches, 8 years old, and will be in 3rd grade in the fall!"
Me "Oh, well then! Let me pull out my handy magic calculator and plug that info right in!"

In case you're wondering, I usually left out that last part. But you can imagine why I told myself I would NOT be one of those moms who would buy their kids shoes several seasons in advance to save a few dollars. Those moms were annoying and hardly contributed to the commission on my check. (Yikes! That's harsh.)
I ate my words today. You see, Target is having a stellar sale on kids clothes right now. Actually, Target is having a stellar sale on just about everything right now. I bought Cameron a pair of snowboots for $3.75 (regularly $14.99!) yesterday. I got home and realized that it would be really nice if I could get him a pair for next year, too. A quick google search tells me the approximate size for 2 year olds, and I rush back to the store for another pair.
And just like that, I'm one of those moms I said I'd never be. I fear it's only the beginning.
So what about you? Are you one of "those" moms? Or are you the type that says "I'll never be one of those moms!" (who will most likely eat their words)?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 observsations in grocery shopping.

Observation 1: For the past, oh, year or so, Jon and I have been doing the grocery shopping together. I think the family affair took shape when Cameron was born, when I didn't want to go by myself- maneuvering a cart full of groceries and a baby and carseat hardly sounded like a situation I wanted to put myself in. We'd go to the store, spending 200 dollars on food and a package of diapers, only to come home not having anything to eat for dinner that evening.
Observation 2 : Back then, I didn't meal plan, nor did I clip coupons.
Observation 3: The last few months, I get the dreaded "do I have to go?" question- and my answer was always "Yes- unless you keep Cameron while I go!" He did, and I went by myself.
Observation 4: I started making a list containing ingredients for about 10 meals (so we didn't have to go for another 2 weeks), and BOY has our bill dropped. I do get fun items too- but I hardly shop for anything that isn't on the list.
Observation 5: Last night- Jon went to Aldi's (a "discount" grocer- anyone heard of it?) without me, in search of some chicken nuggets. He spent $80 and came home with:
  • 3 different types of chicken nuggets- dino shaped for Cameron, 2 bags of regular nuggets, and a bag of popcorn chicken.
  • Popcorn shrimp
  • Cheese in a can
  • A deep dish pizza
  • 2 regular frozen pizzas
  • Pizza pockets
  • Peppermint Coffee Creamer that tasted like Listerine
  • 2 bags of chips
  • some type of frozen "cheese" appetizer in a black bean shell (?)
  • Pork rinds
Maybe he forgot he was married to a nutritional label freak? Maybe he thought he could reminisce the days of what his fridge looked like as a bachelor? At any rate, it's clear that he will not be assisting me to the grocery store anymore. It will be better for my sanity our wallets and our waistlines.
How about you? who does the grocery shopping for your household?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A snippet, of sorts.

Please accept my apologies in advance- this post has no pictures! =)

Today's sermon at church put me in check. I like those types of sermons- and it's been awhile since I've heard one that really hit me.
This last week, Jon and I looked at a house. We're not actively searching for a home yet- but it's definitely in the near future. This home was 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, beautiful neighborhood. It's owned by Jon's cousin who is moving out of state and is having a tough time selling it. Ever since we looked at it, I have been absolutely consumed by the potential of everything the house has to offer. Consumed with seeing our kids grow up there, retiring there. It was glamorous. I'd have a craft room. Jon would have an office. Storage beyond our wildest dreams. And the price was NICE.
In the back of my mind, I knew that this particular house wasn't for us, but somehow I couldn't stop thinking about it. What was eating me up inside was the fact that thinking about it this week consumed me- leaving me ungrateful for the home, blessings and life I do have. And that this house- an earthly treasure had caused me to lust after it. Not to mention- the conviction I was having for lusting after something like that when people in Haiti don't even have water or diapers for their kids.
Today at church, the pastor (who is also my father in law!) preached on living in the flesh, and being selfish. He was talking about himself- and how he needed to ask God to help him live in the Spirit- and to not be consumed by worldly possessions. Little did he know, he was talking to me, too. He then went on to point out that when we live in the flesh, we cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Or as we better know it "Lay your treasures not on this earth- but in Heaven where moth and dust don't corrupt. Wherever your treasures are, your heart will be also." (Matthew 6).
That was enough for me to leave the thought of this worldly possession- one that is clearly not what God wants me to have right now- in the rear view mirror. I have been mad at myself for letting myself get consumed until this morning, where I learned an important lesson (one I've definitely heard before, but had forgotten this week).
Good thing God is a loving, and forgiving God. I definitely needed his forgiveness.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My sweet little nephew.

You may remember this little guy when I posted his birth announcement a little while back. He is now about 4 weeks old an growing like a weed!
I went to take some pictures of him today, and although we didn't end up with many good shots (he was tired and fussy), I thought this one was pretty good. The lighting perfectly highlights his sweet little cheeks. He is just so adorable!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anyone up for a virtual vacation?

A few Christmases ago, Jon and I drove to Chicago on a whim. We took our winter coats, but not much else- and when we got there, the heater in our truck broke. It was cold. I remember seeing a temperature sign on a bank that read -2 degrees, and I thought "This is the coldest temperature I've ever experienced in my life!" And it was- until today. With the windchill, we'll be sitting at -20 tonight, and I can almost guarantee that our heater won't get a break tonight. Being outside for 5 seconds makes your hands feel like you slammed them in a car door- so I'm camping inside unless I absolutely have to get out.
I'm willing to bet that most everyone reading this is experiencing cold or downright frigid temperatures right now (except for those in Hawaii who may be basking in the warm sun. jerks. =) Being that it's January, and summer is light years away, I am in desperate need of a tropical vacation. Here's where I would go:

Oh, Hawaii, how I miss thee.
I'd drink a few of these:

I'd lay under a palm tree and pretend we're not in a deep freeze.

So where are you going?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Can we keep him, ma?"

Yesterday afternoon we saw this cute little dog running around outside, sans an ID collar. The high temp outside was about 25 degrees- WAY to cold for this little guy to be running around. He was shivering cold; we felt so bad and wanted to bring him in for awhile, but we new he wouldn't go back to his home if we did. Cameron did have fun playing with him at the door for about 45 minutes though! Someday soon we'll have to adopt a little pup for him- but for now, he'll have to be content with the alligator!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the grind.

Yesterday I hosted my friends wedding shower, and we had such a great turnout! The food and cake were prepared by others, so all I had to do was open (and clean) my home for the guests.

My boys wanted to stay for the shower. "The ladies will love us!" Jon assured.

I made Oreo Truffles for each of the guests to take home. Traditionally they are made with milk chocolate, but I wanted them to be white, so I made them with white chocolate. They were good, but milk chocolate was far better.

A fun game: Everyone drew a wedding day "look" for the bride. She chose her favorite and the winner got a prize. Some were really cute!

Are you glad the holidays are over? While I certainly enjoyed having nearly 3 weeks off from work, sleeping in until 8 and having lots of family time, It's time for a regular schedule to return. These past few weeks have been jam packed full of places to go, things to do, and people to see. I'm ready for a fresh New Year- and even more so, I'm ready for Spring's fresh palate to take over this winter we're in the heart of. Can I get an Amen?
I don't make resolutions, but I have a lot to look forward to this year, and I'm excited of the possibilities of a few surprises too. What are you looking forward to this year? Did you make any resolutions?


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