Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm becoming one of "those" moms.

Y'know... those moms.
The type of mom who I used to give a huge eye roll to when they would do something that I swore I would never do when I became a mom. You know the type. And if you don't have kids, you're probably guilty of mumbling a form of the following statement: "I'll never do that when I become a mom!"
The backstory:
The year was 2005. I wasn't married yet and I didn't have any children. I did, however, work in a nice department store selling men's and kids shoes. It was a great job- I made good money and I often fed my hard earned dollar right back to the store where I worked. Anyway, one of the biggest pet peeves I had from working there came from "those" moms who shopped with their kids there. Most would buy their kids a pair of shoes, and I wouldn't see them again for a few months. And that's how I liked it, thank you. But there were a select few (what I call "those" moms) who would shop the clearance table for cheap off-season shoes that their kids could wear the following year. And our conversation would go something like this:
That mom: "Excuse me, Miss?? What size will my child wear next winter?"
Me: "Um, yeah... I couldn't really tell you that for sure."
That mom: "Well, he's 3 feet 5 inches, 8 years old, and will be in 3rd grade in the fall!"
Me "Oh, well then! Let me pull out my handy magic calculator and plug that info right in!"

In case you're wondering, I usually left out that last part. But you can imagine why I told myself I would NOT be one of those moms who would buy their kids shoes several seasons in advance to save a few dollars. Those moms were annoying and hardly contributed to the commission on my check. (Yikes! That's harsh.)
I ate my words today. You see, Target is having a stellar sale on kids clothes right now. Actually, Target is having a stellar sale on just about everything right now. I bought Cameron a pair of snowboots for $3.75 (regularly $14.99!) yesterday. I got home and realized that it would be really nice if I could get him a pair for next year, too. A quick google search tells me the approximate size for 2 year olds, and I rush back to the store for another pair.
And just like that, I'm one of those moms I said I'd never be. I fear it's only the beginning.
So what about you? Are you one of "those" moms? Or are you the type that says "I'll never be one of those moms!" (who will most likely eat their words)?


Mindy said...

I am one of THOSE moms. I always said my kid would always have the most up to date stylish clothes, yeah I love the clearance rack at Carters and Childern's's the first place I head when I go in the store.

Kristen said...

I am not one of those those moms but not because I think it's obnoxious, more because I never think ahead like that. With my little guy right now I got lucky and I had saved everything from my older son, so most of what he wears are hand me downs... which by the way I used to say that I would NEVER do that to a kid, and here I am doing it! lol

Molly said...

Well, seeing as how I was one of those girls that used to think she would never have kids, I rolled my eyes at EVERYTHING mothers did ;)

Now it's karma. Last year when I met up with a couple of other moms for a lunch we were sitting next to a table of cute teenagers who were so pissed that they got sat by the screaming babies! I could have been ticked at the dirty looks they were shooting our way but ya know what? I used to give dirty looks to moms who couldn't seem to "quiet" their children in a restaurant. Oops! Now I understand :)

I buy ahead for my son but usually at consignment sales. And how funny is this? I used to sell shoes in a department store too. God, I loved that job. I used to try them on and "forget" to put them back in the box until the end of the night :)

mrs.messi said...

Just don't forget about them next year :)

Meredith said...

Man, I would love to hit up Target right now! Sadly, it's just far enough away that by the time I'd pack us both up, load us in the car, and drive there, it would be time to feed her again. And I just have no desire to nurse her in the car or in the middle of Target.

So, I'm becoming one of THOSE moms who bases everything on their child's feeding schedule, lol!

mrs.leah.maria said...

HAHA! It seems to be the thing I most often eat, my words. Love it! And I need to make it to Target.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Yeah, um sadly I am one of those moms and I'm not even a mom yet! I have definitely picked up cute stuff that was a steal and just put it aside for our future kids...

Left you an award on my blog!


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