Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little milestones...

The other night Cameron woke up for one of his regular feedings. I went into his nursery and found him on the opposite end of the crib than I originally put him. I stood there for a sec, pondering how the heck he got there. There was absolutely NO way he could have rotated himself from one end to the other; after all, we've got him in a tight swaddle at night, and to turn 180 degrees with just his legs (even those were inside the swaddle) was impossible, or so I thought. 
After I fed him, I returned to bed and accused Jon of sleepwalking into Cameron's room, picking him up, and placing his head toward the opposite end of the crib. =) I kept thinking about it all the next day, and that following night he moved again. And again. And yet again. Yes, this little boy successfully moves himself around his crib now with just his powerful little legs and scootin' booty. Seems we might be baby-proofing the house sooner than expected!

A few things he likes:
When daddy makes up rap songs and lyrics.
Pooping in a freshly changed diaper. 
Being outside and taking long walks in the park.
Watching mom and dad battle each other at Tetris.
Touching our faces in the morning when we're trying to get a few more minutes of sleep.
When I tell him he has a stinky bottom.
When I tell him I love him.

Um, excuse me... can you please get that huge lens out of my face?

Much better.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thou shalt not steal.

So I'm getting down to business with my parents living room re-do. My mom picked out a spankin' new couch and love seat, and the rest is pretty much up to me! I really wanted to get a pair of chairs added to the seating mix; and as much as I've always liked spending my parents money (kidding... sort of), we're working with a limited budget, and I knew chairs could easily set us back several hundred bucks. 
One of the blogs I visit on a regular basis, Freckles Chick, just did a beautiful living room re-do in her home. I spotted her chairs and instantly knew I had to have them. Fab, aren't they? I asked her where she got them, and she said she picked them up at a used furniture store. Ahhh, of course. That meant if I really wanted them, I'd have to either a.) steal them from her, or b.) search thrift stores and craigslist and hope to get lucky. Option "a" sounded a heckuva lot easier. 
Alas, I searched craigslist day in and out. I would find a chair with decent potential, but I needed two chairs that matched and that was tough to come by. Finally I spotted these pretties:
They were exactly what I had been looking for, and the best part is that they were just $3o for both chairs! I called the number that was listed, but she informed me that someone was on their way to pick them up. I could have cried. Option "a" was looking like a pretty good one at this point. Good thing I remembered the 10 commandments (particularly #8).
The next day, the craigslist lady called me to tell me that the chairs were never picked up, and that they were all mine if I still wanted them. Score! I sent Jon to her house with his pick-up truck, and they are now in my garage, waiting to be taken to my parents house! 
So whaddya' think? I know I want to stain the wood darker to an espresso. The upholstery is in pretty good condition, so I'm not sure I'll even mess with that. And if they don't end up working out, they were only 3o bucks! Not too bad, right?

Love bites.

My son always has to have something in his mouth. When he's propped up over my shoulder he is constantly chewing on my shirt or my skin. I don't mind; it tickles a little and it's soothing to him. Yesterday he was chewing on my shoulder and it wasn't until I had slobber all down my arm that I realized he had left me a little love bite. =) Better my arm than on my neck I guess! 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Updates, Updates! Read all about 'em!

Yup, I've needed to update for awhile now! A few noteworthy notes from the past week:

Valentines Day:
Grandma watched Cameron so Jon and I could have lunch together at our favorite restaurant, Bella Luna. They've got hummus so good I could swim in it. After lunch, we went rock climbing to celebrate our little neighbor boys' 4th birthday, and it was there that I decided that I want to have a rock climbing party for my 26th birthday! It was a blast and a workout. A few pictures of the pro (that's me) in action:

What you can't see is that I have sweat pouring off my face. Mr. "too-cool-for-school-YMCA worker" was really excited by that.

The hubs.

I scored this awesome pitcher at Pier 1 for just 10 buckaroos. I think it will look gorgeous with fresh cut tulips in it. What do you think?

Cam had his 2 month appointment. He weighed in at 14lbs, 5 oz, and was 25 inches! His height puts him in the 97th percentile; he definitely will be taking after his daddy-o!

I started a little project that involves these:

I'm leaving the end result to your imagination until I finish. No hints. I'll post pictures when I'm done!

In other news, I discovered my pink power drill (yes, I now have pink power tools!) has gone missing in action. My husband claims that he didn't take it, but I happen to know that he used it last. And here I thought if I got pink tools, he wouldn't use them. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A few random thoughts for a Wednesday...

It is Wednesday, right? That's what it says on the top right corner on my computer screen, and my mac has never lied or let me down, so I'll stick with that. 
  • I wish money grew on trees. Or better yet, on a secret indoor houseplant so that nobody could steal any bills. I want so many things right now, and unfortunately, my tax return won't buy it all. Atop my list is a new camera lens, particularly a wide angle lens. Oh, the pictures I could take!

  • I've been feeling an intense desire to decorate something lately. And since I'm too old to bedazzle denim jackets, yet too poor to take on anything too major (say...buying an old house and completely renovating it?), I've been begging my parents to let me redecorate their living room. Simply put, it desperately needs it (think: a time warp from the early 90's). After months of pleading, my mom caved; so I'll be getting started really soon and I'll be sure to post before and after pictures.
  • I'm really tired of hearing about that dang octuplet mom. I needn't go into detail about the gazillion things that's wrong with the situation (cause if you've watched the news lately, you know), but the woman just doesn't seem very intelligent. And thank GOD I don't live in California, because I'm still trying to pay for my own medical bills, and I certainly don't need to pay for hers. 
  • Cam is now rolling over! And me thinks he'll be sprouting a bottom tooth here in about month or so. 

"Look, ma! I'm getting big!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I suppose it's a good thing...

Yesterday, we were taking a walk in the park and had just returned home, when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to what appeared to be a girl (I'm guessing 13 years old) in a scout uniform and her mom who was tagging along. Indeed, she had her cookie sheet out ready to rob me sell me some of those high priced girl scout cookies. I opened the storm door to her cheery little face and she says:

"Hi-yee! Are your parents home?"   Excuse moi? Do I look 16?  
"Um, actually I'm the parent." I replied.

She apologized profusely and was a tad embarrassed, but I assured her it was OK and bought a box of thin mints. 
Meanwhile, I can hear my obnoxious husband in the background laughing like a hyena. Apparently he thought it was just hilarious that the little girl scout assumed I didn't look old enough to be a homeowner, let alone look much older than her.  
I had to remind him of a similar time when he first moved in to our house: there was (and still is) a huge geese problem in our neighborhood. They like to hang out in the lake behind our house, and proceed to come in our backyard to crap all over it and tear the grass up. Jon decided to take matters into his own hands and fire off a few empty rounds from his paintball gun to scare them off. Apparently a less than happy neighbor spotted him and called the cops. 15 minutes later, the police show up on our doorstep and ring the doorbell. Jon answers it.

Cops: "Hi, son. Are your parents home?"
Jon: "Nope, they're at work." 

I'm not exactly sure why someone would think that a man who is 6'5" and has a beard, a wedding ring and a few grey hairs would still live with their parents, but I guess we both look young. I suppose that's a good thing though, right? Jon had forgotten about that little scenario until I reminded him, and in an instant his roaring laughter was brought to a halt. I always get the last laugh. 


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