Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kylie-18 months.

Im not gonna lie here, but typing "Kylie" and "18 months" in the same sentence is totally trippy. I'm not even sure how we got to this point. With Cameron, people would ask how old he was and I never even had to think about it- I always knew, every month. With Kylie, I find myself counting her months on my fingers (let's see, January, February, March...) and then being unsure of what I just calculated (wait... 18 months? Jon- is that right?). Life seems to fly by us so quickly, right before my own eyes. 

Kylie has quite the spunky personality, and is pretty ornery as well. Right now, she's a total girly girl (which I love). She is constantly bringing me her hairbrush, stacking colorful bracelets on her arms and loving her dolls. She thinks it's so fun to steal my make-up brushes from my drawer and brush them against her little face. She grabs like 10 bows and clips and wants ALL of them in her hair. 

And speaking of hair- I still can't get over the blonde! In the sun, it is sparkling gold. Had I not carried her for 9 months I might question that she is my daughter! And her blue eyes- she clearly didn't get those beauties from me. 

 At her 18 month appointment, she weighed 29 lbs (90th percentile) and was just over 36 inches- which was completely off the charts (edit: measured her at home and she was 34 inches- I think my measurement is more accurate!) In other words, it doesn't get any bigger! She looks like a giant baby compared to other kids her age, for sure. 

 Though her and Cameron have a lot of similarities, I think she might be, how do I put it... the more "emotional" of the two. Cameron is a pretty laid back kid. He is easy to reason with and I can stop a rare meltdown with him fairly easily with carefully chosen choices and words. I think Kylie might be a diffent story, though. She can be feisty when things don't go her way or when she doesn't like something. Occasionally she will throw the most hilarious and dramatic fits, throwing her arms up in the air and (carefully) plopping herself on the floor like "I give up! it's just too hard being little me, wahhhhhhhhh!!!!" It will be interesting to see how that all pans out, but I do believe she is going to throw us a curveball. 

I made her a fabric scrap tutu for the 4th of July- it turned out really cute!

She is becoming so fun- it's awesome to see her learn new words everyday and interact with her big brother. I cannot even fathom the possibility of her being 2 years old. It's funny, I'm anxious to see Cameron at 7, 8, even 12. But her- not the slightest bit. I want her to stay my little squishy 18 month old baby forever.


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