Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Snippets.

It's been a hot week here, and we're not even into June yet. Call me crazy, but I'm already over summer and am looking forward to fall (and I'm sure that no one agrees with me on this! =). I'd like to go to the pool a few times, but other than that summer can just be gone already as far as I'm concerned. I'm a real sissy when it comes to heat tolerance.

Speaking of summer, I've been doing so much research when it comes to choosing sunscreen for us (especially for Cameron). I recently ran across the Environmental Working Group 2010 Sunscreen Guide, which basically rates consumer sunscreens and gives a run down of the potentially hazardous chemicals that are found in each one. Some of the chemicals in popular sunscreens make me wonder why the products are even on the shelves. If you know me, you know that I am a sun protection nazi (Jon refers to me as the SPF police), so finding the right blend is very important to me. I think I have decided between two: California Baby sunscreen (found at Target) and Badger sunscreen (found at Whole foods), both which use physical barriers instead of chemicals to protect from the sun.
Badger Face and Body SPF 30 Sunblock
Has anyone used either of these? What does your sunscreen rate? It's really hard for me to believe (and a little tough to swallow) that last summer I picked sunscreen for us based on how good the product smelled. What I wish I would have known- but better late than never.

Anyway, have a great Memorial Day weekend! Make sure you lather up with plenty of sunscreen (or the SPF police might come get you).

Monday, May 17, 2010

I got nothin'.

We've been having a pretty quiet, somewhat uneventful couple of weeks and I have to say I like it! As you can see though, that has translated in nothing interesting to blog about. March and April were so busy for us, I guess it's nice to have a little down time before our busy summer season (read: birthdays and BBQ's every weekend) hits.
A few updates:
I had a wonderful Mothers Day! Cam and Jon got me a beautiful coral and red hibiscus plant. I can't wait to cut off a bloom and wear it in my hair on a fun date. I also got a couple of hours to lay in bed that afternoon, uninterrupted. It was blissful!

Our 3 year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Initially we thought we'd go to Vegas for a few nights, but that plan fizzled. Then we considered going to Kansas City for a night, but the closer time gets, we are considering a just staying in town, going to a nice dinner, possibly getting a hotel for the night and letting Cam stay with his Grandma.

My spending freeze is going well! I've only been to Target once in the past couple weeks (as opposed to 5-6 times in a few weeks!) and I have realized that Target is indeed the enemy of my wallet.
Anyway, I promise regular (more interesting) blogging will pick up soon. Have a great week!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A little on Cameron at 17 months.

Cameron has always watched us use the bathroom for as long as I can remember (anyone else bring their little kids into the bathroom while they go, or are we weird?). When I'm home with him during the day, I always announce loudly to him that "momma has to go potty!" He'll usually follow me in the bathroom and get into the cabinets, brush his teeth, or attempt to unroll a mega wad of toilet paper. Anyway, several weeks ago he indicated that he wanted to "go" potty too- so I stripped his diaper off and plopped his little bottom on the toilet, holding him so he wouldn't fall in. He didn't do anything but sit there and squeel in delight. He sure seemed proud of himself for sitting on the toilet! I took him off, and he shut the lid and flushed (just as I do).
I was a little taken back by the fact that a) he wanted to sit on the potty, and b) he knew what to do when he was "finished". Ever since then, he has wanted to go potty several times per day. He'll squeeze his diaper, and I ask "do you need to go potty?" to which he answers "yeah!" and then runs to the toilet and waits for me to take his diaper off. He has yet to, um... produce any results yet, but will just sit there and giggle the whole time.
I'm pretty sure he hasn't made the connection that sitting on the potty is actually meant to produce results, so to speak- but I'm going to keep rolling with his interest in wanting "go potty." It's more than likely just a phase, but some of the potty training info I've read suggests that some children show interest in potty training as early as 18 months, and that parents should follow their cues. Cool! =) I'll spare you the picture of him on the toilet (which I find so cute, of course) and share some other recent pictures taken in his 17th month!
He loves his picnic table!

We have a paddle boat that we use quite a bit, so we wanted to get Cam a life jacket so he could cruise around our lake with us.

Helping dad catch a few fish!

My goodness, I just think he's so handsome! It's hard to believe that we're nearly half way to 2 years. That's crazy to think about!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The laundry angels are rejoicing for me.

I heard them singing when we popped into Lowe's Wednesday evening to look at a new washer and dryer set. We had no intent to buy a set right then and there, but every time I opened the washer to look how spacious it was (I could practically fit my old washer inside the new one!) I heard them singing. We bought it right then and there. It probably helped that I told my husband that he would have to take our comforters to the laundromat this time around- and he wasn't having that.
At that point, we hadn't sold our old set yet, so I planned to list them on Craigslist when I got home. I was a little depressed when I looked in the appliance section to find every 5th post selling a washer and dryer set. And most for around $100 bucks! We had already discussed selling ours for $400- and maybe that was a little too ambitious. We started at $350, and didn't get any calls. I re-listed them yesterday for $300 and got one call from a lady who said she would pay $250 for them. I told Jon we should just give in- because we'd be lucky to sell them for that price! He agreed, and delivered them to her for an extra $50, so we actually got $300 out of them. Not too shabby!

The brand new set was delivered yesterday and I think the Lowe's delivery dudes were a little taken back by my excitement and giddyness to see them at my front door step. Can you blame me, though? Look at those beauties! And what's more, they fit almost 3 times the load of my other washer, use far less water and energy, and are super quiet. I've gone into the laundry room a few times thinking the load had stopped, when it was still in fact, spinning away. I love these things! It might be a stretch to say I'll be better at staying on top of our laundry now, but that's my story right now, and I'm sticking to it.


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