Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Snippets.

It's been a hot week here, and we're not even into June yet. Call me crazy, but I'm already over summer and am looking forward to fall (and I'm sure that no one agrees with me on this! =). I'd like to go to the pool a few times, but other than that summer can just be gone already as far as I'm concerned. I'm a real sissy when it comes to heat tolerance.

Speaking of summer, I've been doing so much research when it comes to choosing sunscreen for us (especially for Cameron). I recently ran across the Environmental Working Group 2010 Sunscreen Guide, which basically rates consumer sunscreens and gives a run down of the potentially hazardous chemicals that are found in each one. Some of the chemicals in popular sunscreens make me wonder why the products are even on the shelves. If you know me, you know that I am a sun protection nazi (Jon refers to me as the SPF police), so finding the right blend is very important to me. I think I have decided between two: California Baby sunscreen (found at Target) and Badger sunscreen (found at Whole foods), both which use physical barriers instead of chemicals to protect from the sun.
Badger Face and Body SPF 30 Sunblock
Has anyone used either of these? What does your sunscreen rate? It's really hard for me to believe (and a little tough to swallow) that last summer I picked sunscreen for us based on how good the product smelled. What I wish I would have known- but better late than never.

Anyway, have a great Memorial Day weekend! Make sure you lather up with plenty of sunscreen (or the SPF police might come get you).


Jessica said...

I've been trying to pick a sunscreen for Gracie as well.. I tried aveeno on her and her skin had a reaction to it so I've been doing some research myself.. I spoke with a person at Whole Foods. They carry the california baby as well and she said that she thought I should start there and give it a try.. she also recommended the badger also.. I'll be interested if anyone else has any recommendations. I just hope that her skin doesn't react poorly to the California b/c otherwise it looks like we might be spending a lot of time indoors:(

Nelly, her Nerd and Miss J said...

After reading several Mom blogs regarding the study I decided to look a little further into it and found these articles:

Just another side of the coin.

Our Little Family said...

Hi! I was looking at Baby Shower links and landed here. I just wanted to share our experience.

We have two kids (5 and 18 months) and I have used California baby almost everything for them since birth. I did a ton of research on sunscreens specifically because of all the icky stuff in them (and soaps and shampoos and almost any other beauty product).

The CA Baby is definitely more dense than most sunscreens (probably the zinc). When we put it on our kids they have an extra white pallor for quite awhile. I like it though because, to me, it shows that it is on and protecting.

There is always another side to every coin. There are people who don't like airbags because there have been people hurt by airbags (usually because they are too close). But the the number of lives saved far exceeds the negative.

Just my thoughts. I have enjoyed your blog!!! Thanks :-)


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