Friday, July 29, 2011

Come on in! (excuse the mess)

We finally moved!
I wanted to give a quick update and tour of the new place while I have a few minutes. We've been buried in boxes since Tuesday when we moved in, and everything is out of order and messy. I made no attempts to pick up for these snapshots- this is how it is right now!
We are loving our new home and it's a complete blank slate as far as decorating goes. I'm excited to get to work!

Master bedroom, Jon's closet

Master bedroom

Master Bath

My closet! The whole thing is MINE! =)

Kylie's room- the only room I have immediate plans for. I'm going to paint it this weekend (see the swatch on the wall- light lavender). This room also has a 10 foot window and faces the west- so we had to tint the windows already in addition to hanging blinds and curtains. It gets really hot in there!

Backyard- I love the view and it has a large, covered deck. I can't wait to sit out there in the evenings!

Basement- we're going to get started finishing it right away- it will have 2 additional rooms, a bathroom and a living room.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kylie- 6 months.

It's hard to believe that Kylie is 6 months already! Time flies so fast with one kid, and even faster with 2. There were times when Cameron was a baby that I felt like the days would never end- time seemed to go so slow sometimes. That's hardly the case with 2- Cameron keeps me so entertained and busy, that I barely ever stop to see what time or day it is!
Kylie is turning into such a fun, squeely little baby. She's quickly becoming mobile and I think she'll start crawling in the next month or so! She also got two teeth in, which has been pretty rough on her sleep patterns (and mine). Her stats: 18lbs 7 oz, and 28 inches.

When Kylie was born, she had a head full of dark, really curly hair. I was looking back at some old pictures the other day and it was hard to believe how much she's changed! She now has less hair, and it has turned a pretty gold/blonde, with brown too. It's hard to believe that in as much time that has passed, we will be blowing out candles on her first birthday cake! I love this little girl with all my being and I can't wait to watch her keep growing!


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