Friday, July 29, 2011

Come on in! (excuse the mess)

We finally moved!
I wanted to give a quick update and tour of the new place while I have a few minutes. We've been buried in boxes since Tuesday when we moved in, and everything is out of order and messy. I made no attempts to pick up for these snapshots- this is how it is right now!
We are loving our new home and it's a complete blank slate as far as decorating goes. I'm excited to get to work!

Master bedroom, Jon's closet

Master bedroom

Master Bath

My closet! The whole thing is MINE! =)

Kylie's room- the only room I have immediate plans for. I'm going to paint it this weekend (see the swatch on the wall- light lavender). This room also has a 10 foot window and faces the west- so we had to tint the windows already in addition to hanging blinds and curtains. It gets really hot in there!

Backyard- I love the view and it has a large, covered deck. I can't wait to sit out there in the evenings!

Basement- we're going to get started finishing it right away- it will have 2 additional rooms, a bathroom and a living room.


Molly said...

Ooooh, I love it Leslie! So big and open! Yours has a lot of similarities to ours! Those doors? Yeah, same exact ones in our house. I love the lavendar for your little girl. And the basement finish? I'll be watching your progress. Our basement looks exactly the same and we will finish ours in a couple years.

Congrats on the big move!

Lyryn said...

It looks amazing!!!!! I love it! So prefect! So happy for you guys!

Lucky Girl said...

Such a beautiful place! Hope you have a great time settling in!

Joi said...

Congrats, L! Can't wait to see how you put your style to it!

Congrats again, girl!

Amy said...

Very nice!! I see there are tall ceilings, even in Kylie's room. We have them in our house, and I'd love to read post about tips/tricks and dos/donts of painting those walls.

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Leslie - holy crap, your new home looks AMAZING - and huge. I am so loving your closet - oh what I would give for that luxury!!! The view from your deck is so pretty. I wish youall the very best in your new home!

Kristen said...

what a beautiful home, I love it! Congrats lady! Have fun decorating it and making it your own!

Kacie said...

Love it!! I know you're excited to finally be in it. Moving is so fun!

Jessica said...

Soooooooo awesome!!!! I love it - that back yard is amazing! Congrats! :)


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