Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here she is!!

Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Audra Jade. Pretty little name for a pretty little girl! I only got to spend my lunch break with her, so hopefully in the coming days I'll see her again, so she'll have more time to bond with her FAVORITE aunt (that would be me, just in case you had any doubt). Alas, she popped out pretty easy I hear, and hopefully some of that luck will be passed on to me. Double-cross your fingers.

In other news, things haven't been too terribly exciting around here, we're just getting some things ready for our little one. I've been a busy little bee working on artwork for the nursery. And I even put Jon to work staining an old dresser that we'll use for a changing table-- a project that requires my close supervision, 'cause, some of you know what happened last time I gave him a project and left him unsupervised. =(

And that's all for now. The hubs is taking me to Texas Roadhouse tonight. He sure does know the way to a pregnant girls' heart.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have a new niece!

She was born just a few hours ago!! I'll see her tomorrow, and I promise to post pics!
Side note: that brings the niece/nephew count (on both sides) to 17!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A happy camper, that's me.

Yesterday my husband came home with our new couches AND the crib! The downside: the couch (which is leather) had a large tear that had been patched up, and I was unhappy with it. So they are ordering us a new one, and will swap it out when it arrives. Yesterday, I also dropped into Pier 1 Imports over lunch to waste 5 minutes before heading back to work, and came out with this beauty:

A HUGE mirror that was waiting for me to take it home. Even better, it was on sale and damaged (a few surface scratches-- nothing I can't fix!) and was beautifully priced at $19.95. The regular price? $175 bucks. I'd say I did pretty good. It has a beautiful deep copper metallic finish, and though I don't know where I'm going to hang it, I couldn't pass this bargain up!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have been tagged!

So I was tagged about 8 days ago by extwife to list 6 random facts about myself.

1. I'm really into Junior Mints right now. I could eat a movie-theatre sized box in one sitting! (Hey, at least my breath will smell fresh.)

2. I'm quite anal about my food not touching each other on a plate. It's one thing when I like everything that's on the plate, but when I order a grilled cheese sandwich and the bread is soggied up by the nasty pickle that has been thrown on the side, you bet I'll tear off the part that's been contaminated. If it's really bad, I'll send it back.

3. Speaking of soggy food, I absolutely love soggy cereal. Soggy Wheaties, soggy Cheerios, soggy Froot Loops-- it's all good to me. I often pour the milk and then let it marinate into the cereal for a few minutes for prime soggy potential.

4. I've had several ads I designed be published in magazines on multiple occasions this year. I would show you an ad I designed, but then you'd know where I work, and then I'd have to kill you. So, for the pure sake of having an image in this post, here's an ad campaign I did for Mont Blanc pens for a class in college.

The ad design and copy had to convey the status and lifestyle of people who use or would want to buy a Mont Blanc pen.

5. I really hate my eyebrows. They are long and stick out very badly. When i wake up from a nap they are sticking out in every direction imaginable, so I have to hairspray or gel them on a daily basis.

6. I'm not sure I'm ready to give birth to my husband's son. He talks daily about what a "ninja" his son will be, and how they are going to team up against me. I'm just not quite sure I'm ready to have 2 honery boys around the house. If you think of me, pray for my sanity. I only have 15 weeks left! Yikes! And a reminder for the rest of you, that means 15 weeks until all that Holiday Shopping madness begins.

I'm only going to tag one person instead of 6 (I think everyone else has been tagged), and that's my dear little sis, Jen.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Stay in the know.

So I'm realizing I haven't had too have much to blog about lately, but here's a few things that have been going on lately in my ultra-exciting life, so you can stay in the know:

1. I just returned from a "family-reunion" in Nebraska City this weekend. It was quite fun to get to see everyone, and Saturday, we went to the Zoo in Omaha. On our way back Sunday night, we stopped in Kansas City and stayed at the Ameristar Casino for a free night. They seem to like us there, because we get coupons for free stays about every other month. Collectively, we both won enough money to cover gas for the trip, and our 2 night stay in Nebraska. Not shabby considering I NEVER win. My winnings this time came from a slot machine called "Winning for Dummies."

2. We ordered a pretty new couch and 2 chairs a couple weekends ago, and they are STILL not here.

3. Also not in my possession is the crib I ordered for Babies R 'Us 3 weeks ago. They told me 7-14 days. Not a happy camper about that one. I may have to call 'em and tell them my baby is here and he has no place to sleep. That should make them feel guilty.

4. We moved the office downstairs in order to make room for the nursery. Now, when I'm on the computer, the alligator tastily stares at me. It was a hot topic of conversation around the table this weekend about the gator, so for the un-believers, here is a pic:

It was taken a few years ago, so he has grown (a little) since then.

5. Right before leaving for the weekend, our non-warrantied refridegerator decided to break down and leave a puddle of water all over our new kitchen floor. I guess I can be thankful that it didn't occur while we were gone, but this little mishap cost us $400 dollars for a new "motherboard" for the fridge. Aren't motherboards for computers?

Our pretty new flooring.

Now you know.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend Happenings...

I know, I know, it's Tuesday. And if I were a religious blogger, I would have brought this post to you on Sunday evening. My deepest apologies shall be extended upon you.

Sunday night, Jon and I attended a "vow renewal" reception for the parents of one of my good college friends. They were married 20 years ago, but didn't really have a proper wedding, so they had a private ceremony Sunday followed by huge open-bar reception. It was such a blast! They are so young at heart and their example of marriage is one to live up to!

Here's the "bride and groom" dancing the night away! They are so gracious- they insisted my baby shower be held at their home (thrown by my 2 friends).

My two sorority sisters from college-- they will be throwing my shower! They are smarty-pantses' too- both are in law school.

Jon was trying to steal the bride!!

These girls were my roomates for 3 years in college.

Jon kept trying to reach into the side of my dress. I kept smacking his hand away but he informed me that he was just "trying to feel the baby." Right....

In other news, I got the nursery completely painted, but came to the conclusion that I don't really like it. The bottom half is perfect, but the green is far too bright, and not the "feel" I was aiming for. So I'll be repainting the top half to a lighter, more subtle green color this week.


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