Sunday, April 27, 2008

Guest bathroom: not complete.

I was hoping to bring good news this weekend and post pictures of the long awaited guest bathroom re-do. Sadly, that isn't the case. For some reason the builders felt it necessary to mount the cheap towel bars on planks of wood. I unscrewed the towel bars from the wood, but then couldn't get the wood planks off the wall. So I enlisted in the help of my (usually handy) husband to get these hideous "architectural" details off the wall before I painted it.
And this is how the rest of the story unfolds:
I stand in the bathroom looking over his shoulder to see exactly how he's about to get these off the wall. Apparently, he can't work in the same room with me blabbing in his ear giving tips on how to do this (disclaimer: I knew how to get them off, all I needed was his muscle strength) So I left the bathroom. I came back 2 minutes later and found this:

Hopefully, we can get the other wood plank off the wall without tragedy. So my goal this week is to a) get this large hole patched up, and b) get this project completed. It is my hope to bring you pictures very soon.


marital.bless said...

Augh! How annoying! I'm sorry your project was derailed. :(

kari said...

I'm sorry your project hit a bump!! :(


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