Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend fun in Durango, Colorado!

This last weekend we made the 12-hour journey west to Durango, Colorado. It was spur of the moment- which is always fun! We only had one full day in Durango, so Saturday, we decided to take the train 50 miles north to a town called Silverton. The train ride gave us stunning views of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado backcountry, and great wildlife in their environment. It was truly one of the best experiences- and though the ride was FREEZING (we sat in an open-air gondola and it was about 35 degrees at 9,000 feet) we were so glad we chose to do it. We also got to eat at several great restaurants downtown. Here are some pictures from the train ride and our trip:

Original 1881 steam train!

My crazy husband!

At some points, you look down to a 90 degree drop-off and pray that a rock slide doesn't occur.

Silverton is a town that is truly a step back in time; no paved roads, old saloons, and historic hotels. From May-October, the town is bustling with tourists coming in on the train. November- April, Silverton is a complete ghost-town. The winters are very harsh there, and it's nearly impossible to get in or out of the town.

Enjoying hot cider at Grumpy's Saloon in Silverton.

Going back home to Kansas- did I mention we rode in a Penske truck? My husband owns a moving business and I often get to go with him on his trips. No relaxation for me though, he puts me to work!! "No free ride", he says. Anyway, he returned the truck back to the rental place, and they told him we had blown a back tire- and we didn't even know it. Trucks have 4 tires in the back(2 on each side)- and we have NO idea where we blew it at. It could have been in the mountains- and had it been a front tire, we would have lost control. God is good and we are thankful He protected us and gave us a safe journey!


marital.bless said...

It looks like you had a fantastic last minute trip!!!

Sea Squared said...

Looks fun!
And J-Lo ~ Looking Gorg as ever!


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