Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look what we found!

A couple of weeks ago, our neighborhood had a community wide garage sale. Afterwards, 3 large dumpsters were dropped off for people to throw away their junk that didn't sell, or for people just to clean house and get rid of stuff. Anyway, Jon was helping our neighbor dump some of his stuff and in the process, discovered a dirt bike laying in the dumpster. They employed the help of a few more neighbors and dug it out. They were unsure if it even worked or why it was tossed, but after a little work, and air in the tires, they got it running! They had quite the weekend riding around on it- although the bike wasn't new, it only had 3 miles on it. I'm sure they will have many adventures on it- not bad for a bike pulled out of the dumpster, huh?


mrs.leah.maria said...

That is hilarious! Nice job!

Kathy said...

oh fun! I can only imagine the trouble they'll get into with that thing.

Jeremy and Mindy said...

"one man's trash, another man's
treasure" that's my motto! Glad they found something fun!


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