Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY wall ledges.

Decorating our new house has been a very slow process. I've got all these big ideas but when it comes to actually executing them, the time to do so is nowhere to be found.
We've got this great little area off the kitchen and dining area that's meant to house some sort of buffet or hutch. We don't have either of those pieces, and even if we did, we don't have any special china or dinnerware to be stored in it. I needed to come up with something to put in this space, because it was just staring me in the face every time I looked at it. I've always loved the look of wall ledges for displaying photos and small decorative items, and i figured that would be the perfect solution for such a large space.
My go to source for ideas and inspiration has always been the ever-so-pricey Pottery Barn. While my style is gravitating away from that particular style, I still find things I like from time to time. Such was the case with the PB Holman wall ledges- loved the idea, not the price. So being the DIY'er I am, I decided to make them myself. A trip to Lowes, $14 in lumber, and 30 minutes (not including staining time, of course) was all it took for 2, 6-foot custom made wall ledges.

I still need a few more frames, particularly in the top right corner where I had a picture fall and shatter everywhere (a wind gust came through the house, and slammed a door shut which made the house rumble a bit. Surprisingly, nothing fell during the earthquake we felt last Saturday!). I also need to swap some of the photos out, as I'm aiming for an all black and white gallery. All these photo frames were hung in different areas in our old home- and I like that they match only by color. I'm really happy with the way these turned out for just a few dollars!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little Halloween fun.

Last night we partook in a little Halloween fun by taking the kids trick or treating in our new neighborhood. Cameron was a little shy at first, but really got into it when he started seeing all the other kids in their costumes. By the end of the night he was nothing less than a pro, saying "trick or treat" without being prompted, and even yelling "MOM! DAD! I GOT YOU GUYS CANDY!!!!" as he ran away from each house. Awesome.

The Super Hero, cape and mask made by yours truly:

And the ballerina/baby in a tutu, also made by me:
When we got home for the evening, we were looking forward to passing out candy, but by about 7:15 there weren't many people still trick or treating. Needless to say, we have much more candy than we know what to do with!


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