Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little Halloween fun.

Last night we partook in a little Halloween fun by taking the kids trick or treating in our new neighborhood. Cameron was a little shy at first, but really got into it when he started seeing all the other kids in their costumes. By the end of the night he was nothing less than a pro, saying "trick or treat" without being prompted, and even yelling "MOM! DAD! I GOT YOU GUYS CANDY!!!!" as he ran away from each house. Awesome.

The Super Hero, cape and mask made by yours truly:

And the ballerina/baby in a tutu, also made by me:
When we got home for the evening, we were looking forward to passing out candy, but by about 7:15 there weren't many people still trick or treating. Needless to say, we have much more candy than we know what to do with!


Megan said...

Very cute costumes! (and kids) :)

DianeTaylor said...

OMG that cape is too cute, Leslie! Super Cam!!! Love it - they should have a cartoon with Cam as the main character :):) Your little ballerina is adorable too.

Abby said...

They are adorable Leslie!!

Joi said...

Cute, cute kiddos! Love Super Cam!


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