Sunday, November 30, 2008

...and waiting

:::taps foot impatiently:::
So yeah, I'm still here, sans baby. And since it doesn't look like he wants to exit on his own, we'll be going in on Wednesday to start the eviction process. Looks like Cameron and I will also share the same birth month, too.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still waiting.

No sign of baby. Due date came and went. Bags are packed and we are twiddling our thumbs.
On one hand, his tardiness has allowed me to finish my Christmas shopping that I swore I'd get done before he came. Everthing is ready. So I'll venture out of the house to kill time and walk a little, and store clerks ask me when I'm due. I tell them "yesterday" and they are a little surprised to see me bouncing through the store with ease. Then they disappear out of fear that my water might break and they'll be responsible for the clean-up of amniotic fluid on Isle 7.
Oh, and Sunday's are a blast. Our church is small, so I get asked by every. single. member. if we are ready to have a baby and if we're excited. Um, yes. And my mother in law has been kind enough to remind me every week that all her kids were 11 pounds and that all her kids were 2-3 weeks late. Thanks. Perhaps I'll just hibernate until he gets here. It's been too cold to go outside anyway.
In other news, daddy got a new truck! His old truck (which is still trooping along) has almost 300,000 miles on it, and we needed something with 4 doors. We'll keep both trucks for now, but for some reason Jon feels like he's "cheating" on his old truck. He loved his truck. I for one, am a fan of the new truck: it's got heated seats. It almost feels like you peed your pants, but no wetness. Its great, really.
Anywhoo, I'm hoping my next post will be to report a new bundle of joy! Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Project 52.5

I'm usually not a fan of any type of insect, but I spotted this bright green hopper on a trail we were hiking on this afternoon, and he didn't seem to mind that I took about 20 pictures of him. He's pretty cute (for a grasshopper), right? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's where Cameron will sleep, play, and scream his little lungs out.

The nursery is just about complete! I still need a few finishing touches, but we are ready for him to come any day! 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Cleaning Challenge: Day 2-3

Since I slacked yesterday (cleaning on Sunday just doesn't happen around here) I had double duty today! I started bright and early and pulled everything out of the cabinets, cleaned them, and organized them even better than before. I'm pretty darn impressed. Oh, and the oldest thing I threw out was a can of bacon bits... they expired in January 2004. Nice!

I also cleaned the microwave, all of the appliances (except the oven- I'm scared of what lurks in there), the cabinet doors, and swept and mopped the floor.

Today's challenge involved bathroom medicine cabinets. We have two bathrooms, and both needed to be cleaned out pretty bad! The guest bathroom was especially bad... a little embarrassing, actually. =(

The master bath wasn't so bad...

I'm all caught up, and it feels good to have some serious cleaning done!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Cleaning Challenge: Day 1

So I am partaking in an Ultimate Fall cleaning challenge with some Nestie/blog friends. Honestly, a cleaning challenge couldn't have come at a better time; with 3 weeks till D-day, I could use this time to get the house sparkling for Cameron's arrival!

How it works:

Katie, (aka Hyper Homemaker) has organized our to-do list and posts them on her amazing blog each day. Then I get to work, crossing off the things on the list as I accomplish them! I love crossing items off lists, by the way. =) I take a few pics, and show off what I've done, and Voila! A clean home just in time to hibernate for the winter.

So today's list was quite large; and I'll admit that my Saturdays are usually reserved for hanging out with my husband, which doesn't leave much time for chores! Today's list was to conquer the kitchen- and I had already planned to clean up after last night's party (the kitchen was NASTY), so that was my main goal. But since the challenge started today, I went ahead and cleaned out the fridge, top to bottom, and I must say that it is sparkling clean! Cleaning out the fridge was long overdue- I found pickle relish that expired in October of 2006! Gross, right?

Organized and clean! I threw out a lot of stuff, so now I need to go grocery shopping.

Look at those shiny shelves- no more sticky residue from leaky containers!

Wiped Counters... check! Cleaned and shined sink... check! And I have a nice clean kitchen!

Though I didn't get to clean out the kitchen cabinets (Lord knows they are in desperate need of organization), I feel quite accomplished by just cleaning out the fridge. I'll get to the kitchen cabinets (promise!) and since I don't have a pantry, that's one less item for today's list.

Keep checking in! I'll try to post daily to track my progress. Inspired to do the cleaning challenge? It's not to late to get started... check out Katie's blog!

Halloween Fun...

Last night we hung out at our house and had a few neighbors over. Trick or treating at our house was like hitting the jackpot- we had 4 couples total at our house, and that meant getting 4 houses worth of candy all in one. We were all hanging out in the driveway and garage, and I think some kiddos might have been little intimidated at first, until they spotted 4 huge bowls of candy.

Yeah, i decided to be a little festive and wear some Shrek ears. I even convinced a couple of people I wasn't really pregnant and that I was just wearing a belly costume. And what's a party without food? I made a couple of appetizers and this DELICIOUS caramel popcorn. It was seriously like crack- no one could stop eating it. Check out the recipe here.

Project 52.4

I am full term (37 weeks) as of yesterday!


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