Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun...

Last night we hung out at our house and had a few neighbors over. Trick or treating at our house was like hitting the jackpot- we had 4 couples total at our house, and that meant getting 4 houses worth of candy all in one. We were all hanging out in the driveway and garage, and I think some kiddos might have been little intimidated at first, until they spotted 4 huge bowls of candy.

Yeah, i decided to be a little festive and wear some Shrek ears. I even convinced a couple of people I wasn't really pregnant and that I was just wearing a belly costume. And what's a party without food? I made a couple of appetizers and this DELICIOUS caramel popcorn. It was seriously like crack- no one could stop eating it. Check out the recipe here.

1 comment:

Jeremy and Mindy said...

i love me some carmel popcorn, i need to make some for me and the bean, sounds divine!


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