Friday, April 25, 2008

So if there's one thing I'm good for...

...It's designated driving. Yep, Saturday night I will be DD'ing for our good friends (who happen to be our next-door neighbors) while we're out celebrating Andrea's 30th birthday! It should be fun- I'm pretty stoked! There must be some kind of reward (like, a cool blinky badge or something) for me being such a Good Samaritan, right? For volunteering to keep the roads safe and the world a better place? For bettering mankind by showing just how cool it is to be the "safe ride?"
Well, it may not be my birthday but I felt I needed a new pair of jeans for my good deeds (and because these days, nothing in my closet fits). So I cruised over to The Gap and found these cute trouser jeans- for just $59.50! I'll be able to wear them to work, too because they are a nicer, dressy denim. I think this model makes them look a little masculine- so I might have to take a snapshot, because they really look good on!


kari said...

I love those!

dancerdiva25 said...

Love the jeans! Way cute! How's the baby bump?? I want details! Glad you found my new blog!


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