Monday, August 11, 2008

Stay in the know.

So I'm realizing I haven't had too have much to blog about lately, but here's a few things that have been going on lately in my ultra-exciting life, so you can stay in the know:

1. I just returned from a "family-reunion" in Nebraska City this weekend. It was quite fun to get to see everyone, and Saturday, we went to the Zoo in Omaha. On our way back Sunday night, we stopped in Kansas City and stayed at the Ameristar Casino for a free night. They seem to like us there, because we get coupons for free stays about every other month. Collectively, we both won enough money to cover gas for the trip, and our 2 night stay in Nebraska. Not shabby considering I NEVER win. My winnings this time came from a slot machine called "Winning for Dummies."

2. We ordered a pretty new couch and 2 chairs a couple weekends ago, and they are STILL not here.

3. Also not in my possession is the crib I ordered for Babies R 'Us 3 weeks ago. They told me 7-14 days. Not a happy camper about that one. I may have to call 'em and tell them my baby is here and he has no place to sleep. That should make them feel guilty.

4. We moved the office downstairs in order to make room for the nursery. Now, when I'm on the computer, the alligator tastily stares at me. It was a hot topic of conversation around the table this weekend about the gator, so for the un-believers, here is a pic:

It was taken a few years ago, so he has grown (a little) since then.

5. Right before leaving for the weekend, our non-warrantied refridegerator decided to break down and leave a puddle of water all over our new kitchen floor. I guess I can be thankful that it didn't occur while we were gone, but this little mishap cost us $400 dollars for a new "motherboard" for the fridge. Aren't motherboards for computers?

Our pretty new flooring.

Now you know.

1 comment:

mrs.leah.maria said...

Boo to non-deliveries!

I had no idea you had an alligator! That's so much cooler than our allie-gator! :)

Motherboards should not be involved with a fridge! But I'm glad you got it taken care of, without ruining your pretty new floors!


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