Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kylie- 6 months.

It's hard to believe that Kylie is 6 months already! Time flies so fast with one kid, and even faster with 2. There were times when Cameron was a baby that I felt like the days would never end- time seemed to go so slow sometimes. That's hardly the case with 2- Cameron keeps me so entertained and busy, that I barely ever stop to see what time or day it is!
Kylie is turning into such a fun, squeely little baby. She's quickly becoming mobile and I think she'll start crawling in the next month or so! She also got two teeth in, which has been pretty rough on her sleep patterns (and mine). Her stats: 18lbs 7 oz, and 28 inches.

When Kylie was born, she had a head full of dark, really curly hair. I was looking back at some old pictures the other day and it was hard to believe how much she's changed! She now has less hair, and it has turned a pretty gold/blonde, with brown too. It's hard to believe that in as much time that has passed, we will be blowing out candles on her first birthday cake! I love this little girl with all my being and I can't wait to watch her keep growing!


Molly said...

She is GORGEOUS. Those eyes are amazing! Hope you're all doing well and staying cool ;)

Lyryn said...

Amen to time flying faster with the second! I feel ya! How the heck is mine one already?!?!

Sarah said...

Ack, she is so cute!!! Just want to squeeze her! Congrats on 6 months, it is unreal how fast the time flies and how short of a time it is that they are really "babies".

PS. I love my Ikea Hemnes dresser!!! I've even been thinking of getting another one when/if we have a second child - keeping that room as the nursery with that dresser and then getting another one for Maura's big girl room. I don't think you can beat it for the price. Her's is so big that we can fit everything in there and I think its really sturdy and the drawers slide nicely (the inside bottom of the drawers is lined with yellow and white striped paper so you're not surprised, I think its cute). The 3-4 drawer one will perfectly fit a changing pad but not any extra room for other stuff on top. It takes a bit of time to assemble, but you rock at that stuff and will be able to bang it out. I would definitely recommend it, I'm really happy with ours. And everyone I talked to on the nest before I bought it said they loved theirs too. Hope that helps:)

Joi said...

She is stunning! She looks like a baby doll!

Leah said...

Seriously, you have the most beautiful children!


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