Monday, May 3, 2010

A little on Cameron at 17 months.

Cameron has always watched us use the bathroom for as long as I can remember (anyone else bring their little kids into the bathroom while they go, or are we weird?). When I'm home with him during the day, I always announce loudly to him that "momma has to go potty!" He'll usually follow me in the bathroom and get into the cabinets, brush his teeth, or attempt to unroll a mega wad of toilet paper. Anyway, several weeks ago he indicated that he wanted to "go" potty too- so I stripped his diaper off and plopped his little bottom on the toilet, holding him so he wouldn't fall in. He didn't do anything but sit there and squeel in delight. He sure seemed proud of himself for sitting on the toilet! I took him off, and he shut the lid and flushed (just as I do).
I was a little taken back by the fact that a) he wanted to sit on the potty, and b) he knew what to do when he was "finished". Ever since then, he has wanted to go potty several times per day. He'll squeeze his diaper, and I ask "do you need to go potty?" to which he answers "yeah!" and then runs to the toilet and waits for me to take his diaper off. He has yet to, um... produce any results yet, but will just sit there and giggle the whole time.
I'm pretty sure he hasn't made the connection that sitting on the potty is actually meant to produce results, so to speak- but I'm going to keep rolling with his interest in wanting "go potty." It's more than likely just a phase, but some of the potty training info I've read suggests that some children show interest in potty training as early as 18 months, and that parents should follow their cues. Cool! =) I'll spare you the picture of him on the toilet (which I find so cute, of course) and share some other recent pictures taken in his 17th month!
He loves his picnic table!

We have a paddle boat that we use quite a bit, so we wanted to get Cam a life jacket so he could cruise around our lake with us.

Helping dad catch a few fish!

My goodness, I just think he's so handsome! It's hard to believe that we're nearly half way to 2 years. That's crazy to think about!


CushyBaby said...

I just love your blog! No, you are not weird... I bring my little boy to the bathroom with me as well. He does the same thing, goes right for the toilet paper. I can't believe your little man is 17 months! Mine will be 13 months on May 5th. Where does the time go?

Anonymous said...

First of all, the picture of Cam helping his dad fish...heartbreaking!! Ugh, I love it so much!!

Second, how cool that he has so much interest in the potty! I'd definitely run with that, just like you are doing. And I think I'll start bringing Isaac in the bathroom with me, haha.

Ashley said...

Definitely roll with it if he is telling you he wants to use the potty! We were able to potty train two kids in my preschool class by 22 months just because they were interested.

Good luck with it! Oh and he is too freaking cute!

mrs.leah.maria said...

My heart kind of skipped a beat reading 17 months. I just can't believe it. He's such a stud Leslie!

Lauren and Matt said...

He IS so handsome!!!!!

Karen said...

I can't believe your little man is getting so big!!! He is going to be such a heartbreaker!

Lyr said...

Sure do... I think it help to have kids see mommy and daddy go potty so I think you are doing a good thing :) Love the pictures!

Erin said...

Cute pics! The one of father and son fishing warms my heart!


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