Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 observsations in grocery shopping.

Observation 1: For the past, oh, year or so, Jon and I have been doing the grocery shopping together. I think the family affair took shape when Cameron was born, when I didn't want to go by myself- maneuvering a cart full of groceries and a baby and carseat hardly sounded like a situation I wanted to put myself in. We'd go to the store, spending 200 dollars on food and a package of diapers, only to come home not having anything to eat for dinner that evening.
Observation 2 : Back then, I didn't meal plan, nor did I clip coupons.
Observation 3: The last few months, I get the dreaded "do I have to go?" question- and my answer was always "Yes- unless you keep Cameron while I go!" He did, and I went by myself.
Observation 4: I started making a list containing ingredients for about 10 meals (so we didn't have to go for another 2 weeks), and BOY has our bill dropped. I do get fun items too- but I hardly shop for anything that isn't on the list.
Observation 5: Last night- Jon went to Aldi's (a "discount" grocer- anyone heard of it?) without me, in search of some chicken nuggets. He spent $80 and came home with:
  • 3 different types of chicken nuggets- dino shaped for Cameron, 2 bags of regular nuggets, and a bag of popcorn chicken.
  • Popcorn shrimp
  • Cheese in a can
  • A deep dish pizza
  • 2 regular frozen pizzas
  • Pizza pockets
  • Peppermint Coffee Creamer that tasted like Listerine
  • 2 bags of chips
  • some type of frozen "cheese" appetizer in a black bean shell (?)
  • Pork rinds
Maybe he forgot he was married to a nutritional label freak? Maybe he thought he could reminisce the days of what his fridge looked like as a bachelor? At any rate, it's clear that he will not be assisting me to the grocery store anymore. It will be better for my sanity our wallets and our waistlines.
How about you? who does the grocery shopping for your household?


Matt & Jenny said...

grocery bill is definitely higher when Matt has a say in what is purchased!

Anonymous said...

LOL, this is hilarious!! My DH is really good at keeping spending in check and since he does most of the cooking, he also does most of the shopping. I'm actually the one that buys the stupid crap...

Samantha said...

LOL! He would have had to work HARD to spend $80 at Aldi! I love that place- when I lived alone, I got all of my groceries for the week for $40. Sweet.

Now, John and I grocery shop together, but I meal plan and make the grocery list ahead of time. It keeps us more on track. We almost always get things not on the list, but they are sale items that we can keep in the pantry..

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

hahaha, how funny! We shop together mostly, I probably splurge on frivolous items more than him but we've gotten pretty good at shopping from a list and meal planning ahead of time!

Meredith said...

Ideally, we go together (and now, with Lizzy, this will be a MUST). Mostly because the stores around here are bag-your-own, and I am SO SLOW, and hate doing it by myself.

I would sometimes go by myself, but honestly, I am worse about going off the list than J is.

Jessica said...

I've never posted on your blog but I've read for quite awhile.. I think I might have came across you on the nest?? Anyways I just had to say something b/c your post cracked me up.. i love how your husband bought like 5 different types of pizza.. very funny! I grocery shop every other week now and meal plan and it has saved us sooo much money. Also, I know you are from Wichita and I am too.. actually Valley Center, now I live in KC but we are still back in that area all the time to visit my family. So anyways.. thought I would finally say "hello!"

Mrs. McB said...

Mr. McB and I still go together. However, we only buy necessities. I actually have found I spend more when I got alone. :( So we do it together.

P.S. I love Aldi!

Kacie said...

Ugh! Judd does this same thing! I'll send him for two items and he comes home with $150 worth of things. I get really aggravated ESPECIALLY when I had a COUPON for that item that he wasn't supposed to be getting. I tell him I don't cut coupons for fun. lol.


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