Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Curtain Call.

So I'm in the beginning stages of taking Cameron's nursery and updating it to a big boy room. Awhile back, I saw the idea for inexpensive curtains made with canvas drop cloths floating around on the internet; I never saved the picture or bookmarked the link, but I still remember how amazed I was seeing beautiful linen looking curtains made out of this fabric that was found at a hardware store.
I ventured out to Lowe's about a week ago to see if I could find this canvas drop cloth. Sure enough, I spotted it in the paint section. I grabbed a 6'x9' size and was on my way. At just $9.48, I figured I didn't have much to lose if they didn't turn out.
I decided that I wanted to make extra-long panels with grommets (found at Hobby Lobby), and after a few hours of measuring and cutting, and about 30 minutes of sewing, I had 2 custom made canvas drapes. I never hung curtains in Cameron's nursery, but I've had a curtain rod sitting around for awhile that I've been wanting to use. So up it went (with my pink Black and Decker drill, no less), and Cameron's big boy room is now under way!

The price breakdown:
2 canvas drop cloths: $19.00 ($9.48 x 2)
2 packages of grommets $ 12.00 ($10 x 2, with 40% of coupons at Hobby Lobby)
Grand total: $31 bucks! That's pretty darn cheap for 2 extra long panels, considering these canvas panels from Pottery Barn Kids are $59 for ONE panel. Um, no thanks!

And in case you're wondering:
These canvas drop cloths have finished seams on ALL sides. If you measured right, these are virtually ready to hang with no sewing involved. You wouldn't have to use grommets; you could use clips, too.
I have about a Jr. High level of sewing experience. Literally, I took Home Ec in 7th grade and if I recall correctly, passed. I couldn't even remember how to thread the machine (thanks, mom!)- all I did was pressed that pedal and sewed a straight seam to keep the the edges from fraying.
After I cut the first panel, I realized that I'd need to go get another package of canvas for a second panel. Silly me didn't pre-measure Cameron's window or the drop cloth very accurately- so realistically, I probably could have bought 1 larger canvas piece and gotten 2 out of it had I taken more time to measure everything out.
I also washed the canvas before measuring and cutting; it made the fabric softer and less "canvas" smelling.
What do you think? I think I'll definitely be making most of our curtains from now on- the possibilities are endless!


Sarah said...

Wow, they look great, Leslie! I'm jealous of your curtain making ability!!! I can't believe Cam is already ready for a big boy room, I can remember when you first posted the nursery:) Can't wait to see what else you got up your sleeve!!!

spearmint baby said...

they look great! i have always thought of making my own curtains. maybe now i will try! thx :)

Mr C, Mrs. C & Baby C said...

This is great! I am so bookmarking this!!!

suzanne said...

Those look great! I've always wanted to make my own curtains (I have windows in my master begging for some attention) but haven't taken the plunge yet. Canvas sounds super easy! Thanks:)

Jeremy and Mindy said...

I have drop cloth curtain in my living room and used clips.

How did you use grommets?

Meredith said...

I think they look absolutely fantastic!

Leslie G said...

Mindy- The grommets I bought from Hobby Lobby actually came with a template so you can mark the fabric where you need to cut the holes. The grommets are plastic, and have 2 pieces that just snap together! Pretty easy!

Jeremy and Mindy said...

Thanks Leslie!

The DIY Show Off said...

I missed these - you did a fantastic job! I want to do drop cloth curtains in my family room when we get to it. Thanks so much for the tips! They look awesome!


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