Sunday, February 21, 2010


Before Christmas, I bought some awesome flannel snowman & Christmas tree sheets at Target for just $15 bucks. I wasn't thinking they would be that great or soft- especially for the price I paid- and for a King set! I was wrong. And you know what? Those sheets are still on our bed, 8 weeks post Christmas. I can't bear to take them off- they're so warm and soft. I thought that if I had them taken off by mid-spring, I'd be cool, but I think it's finally time. I think I'll be more excited to put them back on for the holidays this year if they aren't on our bed until Memorial day.

I think I'm going to repaint our entire basement. Awhile back, I asked (in this post) for you guys' suggestions for accent colors, accessories and other ways to make the living room feel complete. I got some wonderful ideas, but finding items and artwork that compliment such a dramatic color has proved to be difficult. Plus, all our furniture is dark, and I really feel it's time for a lighter, more neutral color. I'm thinking something like this: the perfect greige.
Source: YHL

Almost every day this past week, I have checked our trees for signs of swelling green buds on their branches. I hate bare trees and shrubs- I am so anxious to see some life on them again!

My sister is going to make me a dress for my friends bachelorette party. We're aiming for a style like this, from Express:Looks like a fun party and summer dress, huh? I stopped in last week to try it on in the store to make sure I liked it and looked good on me. I LOVED it, but didn't love the $69.50 price tag. I am so excited to have it made and wear it!
Friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Molly said...

Love that color on the walls. I can't wait until we finally move into a new house and I can paint a room grey! I've been longing for grey walls with bright pops of color!

Anonymous said...

I just retired the exact same sheets to the linen closet last week. :)

Nicole said...

I love the greige color. Thinking of doing something somewhat similar for my babe's room.

And good luck with the dress! I admire anyone who's good with a sewing machine!

Meredith said...

How awesome to have that dress made for you-cause that way you know it will fit like a glove!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm just in love with that inspiration room and commend your going ahead with that dress!


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