Thursday, September 24, 2009


I mentioned awhile back that I'm trying to get our basement living space looking nice and cozy. Do you remember? That was what, 3 months ago or so? Anywho, I'm still trying. And I'm completely stumped and at a loss for ideas for what this living room needs.
The frames that are still empty. Just wanted to casually show off the fall wreath I made! =)

view looking in from the "office" area.
Snooze. Totally boring.
I need help. Design help. If this were your living space, what would be the first thing you'd do? I know that I need a big 'ol rug. My problem is, I like neutral colors (cremes and beiges) but that's not what this space needs. I'm not opposed to some bold/graphic throw pillows, I just can't seem to find any that I like that aren't more than a days worth of pay. Maybe a lamp for the side table? Some artwork above the couch?

I just hung 3 pictures above the chair, but I still have 2, very large blank walls to deal with.

What accent color would you bring in, given the grey/blue walls? Any stores/websites I should check out? I'm usually good at this stuff- but when it's my space, I find it hard to commit to something I'll be stuck with. Help a girl out- I'm hosting a shower in this space in less than a month!

Edit: I should mention that there are window treatments on those windows (white blinds). You just can't see them! Thanks and keep it coming! =)


So Not Martha said...

I'd get some bamboo or roman shades for the windows. Hang them high, so they don't cover up the windows much but give them a finished look.

One big art piece over the couch-your other arrangements are all multiple pieces so it would start to look cluttery if you add several more above the couch.

Like you said, some graphic throw pillows would be great! I think it looks good, just needs some texture and softness.

So Not Martha said...

Ok...also after looking at your photos more...I'd add some dark colored woven baskets under the coffee table for Cameron's toys. Maybe some sort of large tray on top, with a stack of books and a candle?

Jessica said...

I think the room is WAY cute anyway! The color you chose is awesome & I'm loving the ledge w/ the picture frames and mirror! I'd maybe change the layout to bring the furniture a little closer & off the walls a bit, maybe with a sofa table behind one w/ a lamp or two? Maybe a large Jute rug on the floor and some cozy throws on the cold couches? Which the couches are beautiful too by the way. Also, what about some crown molding? That always helps make a room look finished. Painting your doors/trim white would be a good way to help w/ that too. Good Luck! :)

Jeremy and Mindy said...

show us what the couch is facing - is it the tv? I would push it up and make that a more cozy, intimate space.

Show us more pics of the room.

Meredith said...

I can't really tell what the whole layout of the room looks like, but what about re-orienting the room so that the couch is in front of our mantle, and the tv, or whatever the couch is facing is on the opposite wall? Is the room too long for that to work?

Leslie G said...

Meredith- yes, the room is too long for that to work, unfortunately. The couch is facing the T.V right now; the T.V is on the LONG wall.

Jennifer said...

I would put a big mirror or a big clock behind the couch, or even those big collage frames and make them up with family pics. Some pop of color pillows from Target (not badly priced and Sam's club had some in packs of two the other day too in cute colors.)

Kelsey said...

I think a deep, rusty orange could be a fun and beautiful accent color: opposite on the color wheel from blue, and it would highlight the tones of that pretty mirror you have on the ledge. I know it's not everyone's color, but why not? A few additional mossy green accents could neutralize the bold color choice.

Also, I think the larger empty frame needs a pop of COLOR to contrast with all the neutrals and browns on that wall... perhaps one of your nice photos of some grass or a plant or something?

And I hate to say it, but the three photos above the chair seem to be hung a *little* high to me. But I tend towards lower hangings anyway, so ignore me if you please!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Gorgeous room! That furniture and the paint color...oh I'm in love! I've stared at the pictures for quite a while now and here's what I came up with. I like the idea of the bamboo roman shades how higher and wider than the windows. I was going to suggest a large map but you've already done that in another room! I definitely think it needs a large statement piece on the back wall, either a picture or a tapestry...something. Have you thought about possibly painting the trim or doors? I think that painting them white and adding in white crown molding would really transform the room, there are a lot of varied brown colors in the room and I think a crisp white would look fantastic against that gorgeous paint color and the deep browns in the furniture. I think two coordinating (but necessarily matching) lamps on the side tables would add a nice touch and a rug would help ground the space. I liked the suggestion of adding baskets to the coffee table, maybe even the side tables too. I absolutely love what you've done with the ledge but I'm wondering if the arrangement is tall enough? It seems to cut off right at the windows...but maybe if the window treatments where adjusted that would help vary the height. Pillows and a soft blanket would be a great touch, check crate and barrel, target, bed bath and beyond, amazon and etsy for inexpensive pillows, you might actually want to start with etsy I have some links on my blog for some of my favorite sellers! As for layout, is the tv too big to fit on the wall where the couch is? What about switching the tv and the couch? Ok, phew, I'll stop. I've been itching to get my hands on my house for months and it's looking like I'm going to have to wait another three months before I get moved in my hands on it...

Dayka said...

There are some really great things about your room, which are the space/layout, the light, and your great furniture. Those are the most important (and expensive) things, so good start! I agree with trying a rusty orange on the wall behind the chair, and i would also use larger photos or artwork behind the chair as well. Try using 8 8x10 matted frames with some of your favorite photos enlarged, or take 3 to a photo shop and have them enlarged to poster size (15x15 or so) and put them on the wall. The photo of your son crawling on the mantle is so cute, and i think it would look great as a poster. You can also try some landscape photos from your travels as well, if you want a change from family flicks. For the rug, I would suggest a large sisal or jute with a geometric print (try west elm for an example), and would paint the non-focal walls a color that is a little less green to go with the orange (maybe blue/grey mix, or grey/brown mix). Painting out the trim white (as suggested) will also give you a pop. Try Pottery Barn for some great examples of paint, room styling, and accessories.

I hope I don't sound like a know it all, you're really almost there! It's so hard for me to finish my living room too, so I completely understand. I wish I lived near you, 'cause I'd come over to help--I love projects like this. Good luck!


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