Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cameron, my little hoarder.

I have been missing my car keys for quite some time now- since Labor Day, actually. I remember we were headed out to the lake for summer's farewell and I couldn't find my keys anywhere. I give them to Cameron sometimes to play with while I need a few minutes to do something without him holding onto my legs and dragging behind me, so I figured they were around somewhere. I looked, and looked. EVERYWHERE. I turned up the couch cushions, looked under the bed, in my car, and other places I thought they could turn up. Nothing. I gave up hope sometime around mid- September.
Fast-forward to today- my husband loses the last set of his keys to one of his trucks. He is tearing the house apart too, and stumbles upon MY keys, MIA for over 2 months! And where did he find them? In a little trench in the couch (not sure how I missed it!) with a few of Cameron's socks, and a squirty bath toy. Hmmm. I find his little socks in the most random places, so I'm pointing fingers at the cutest little boy I know. =) I didn't care so much about the keys on it (I have multiple spares) but I had a Jayhawk keychain on it that I've had since I was in 6th or 7th grade-long before I could even drive! So glad I found them!


Meredith said...

Too funny! I'm sure I have this to look forward to as well...though I do already have a cat that totally hoards and hides things!

Melissa said...

Aw! Maybe he was saving them for when he's able to drive ;)

Callie said...

They are little hoarders! When I am missing something I check the bath tub. It's usually there.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Too funny!


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