Monday, November 2, 2009


Call me crazy. I reeeealy want to put up my Christmas tree today. I'm going to wait, but I still want to. I'm so excited about Christmas this year, mostly because Cameron is getting some cool stuff and I want to play with it already!

I don't really get into Halloween much and I wasn't going to spend money on a costume for Cameron, but our neighbors had a little Tigger costume that their son wore when he was Cam's age, and they let us borrow it. We dressed him up and went trick or treating with a few kiddos in our 'hood and Cameron LOVED it. He just sat in his stroller the entire time, kicking his little feet and chewing on candy wrappers!

I am itching to re-do Cameron's nursery. I want to repaint, and make it into a big boy room! I don't want to make it overly "themey"- as I'm sure I'll have to endure years of trucks/Transformers/whatever movie Disney puts out theme in the very near future. Maybe just some new DIY wall hangings, new sheets, and some cool blue paint. Surely I could do this for under $100! Maybe after the new year when things quiet down.

My mom has been in Africa for a few weeks and gets back on Friday. She was born there and lived a lot of her childhood there (my grandparents were missionary doctors). When she gets back I'll definitely share a few pictures here!

Time changes certainly aren't what they used to be. Back in college it meant a real, whole extra hour of sleep and an extra hour at the bar. Now it means Cameron's sleep schedule is completely out of wack and he's ready to play at 5:30am. ARG! I hope this doesn't last long.


Meredith said...

Lol...I just posted a picture on my blog of my dad in a Tigger costume!

I think you could definitely do a room spruce up for $100.

And you are totally CRAZY about the Christmas tree! All things Christmas (except for the song Baby It's Cold Outside) are banned from my house until after Thanksgiving!

Joi said...

Your little guy is such a cutie!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh Riley is up super early too now it's driving me crazy! Good luck to you that Cameron catches on soon!

Matt & Jenny said...

it hasn't even been a year and you are ready to redo cameron's room? I think you have issues.


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