Thursday, October 21, 2010

Construction Zone: a few project updates

I mentioned last week that we were going to put a 3rd bathroom in (in our basement) and we are now going full speed with that project! This is the current state right now; and while it doesn't look like much (okay, so it doesn't look like anything), you should know that this room was FILLED from the floor to the ceiling with junk, boxes, Christmas stuff, and just crap. Clearing all that out was a feat in itself! There weren't even the 2x4's you see- It was just one, big open room. So the past few nights, Jon and his friend have been working on the plumbing, electrical and constructing the walls.

Meanwhile, I've been at a few wood related projects myself.

I finished the bookcase I started back in July, and I also decided to squeeze in one last project before this baby comes! I wanted Cameron to have a table for his trains, so I made him this play table that can also be used for legos, drawing, and other crafty type things for the kids. This will be his main Christmas present- along with some new train tracks and stops to add to his collection.

A little edge to prevent toys and trains from rolling off.

This was definitely my quickest project to date- from cutting the lumber to finish took about 2 1/2 hours. Both of these pieces are ready to be stained! Here's PBK's version for $349 (yikes!)- my version only cost roughly $60 (after I finish the carts).
Activity Table & Carts

What's nice about the size of this table, is that it fits the Thomas the train mats you can buy for those specific tables, since the tables are exactly the same size. Perfect! I'm going to build the carts that slide underneath the table too, since I have so much scrap lumber. But after that, I think I'll take a break for a little bit. It's funny the looks I get from construction-type workers buying stuff at Lowe's- like "what on earth is this huge pregnant girl doing in the lumber section?" I just smile and keep on pushing my lumber cart. I've become quite a regular at Lowe's- building has definitely become an addiction and hobby!


Tamara said...

You, my dear are AMAZING!

Callie said...

That table is awesome. I keep looking at them for Gavin, but they are sooo expensive (as you know). Is there a website where you get all of your building plans?

Leah said...

Gah! I seriously want to learn your ways! So cool Leslie!

Joi said...

Girl, you are so good!

Angel said...

I am so impressed with the things you've built. I wish I was half as handy as you! They'll be great things to treasure for years to come. Plus, think of all the $ you're saving!

Tori and Chad said...

You're such a kickass lil mama! You have to tell us sometime how you got the nerve to begin firing up the power tools. I see all these awesome building ideas, but I'm just too afraid to turn on all those noisy tools!

Nicole said...

I'm so impressed, Leslie! Cutting wood scares me. I admire your new hobby - can't wait to see all the after photos!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Wow, that's amazing! did you have plans for it or did you just eyeball it? I would love to build something like this!

Molly said...

Yay for home improvements. I can't believe you can do all that wood work! I can't even use a drill!

Keep it up and maybe you can start your own shop someday!

P.S. we need a baby update and a belly pic!

Karen At Home said...

I am so impressed Leslie! You do some amazing work!!!


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