Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Small confession: my husband and I are bird nerds. And by that, I mean we like to "bird watch"- you know, the hobby usually meant for senior citizens? Senior citizens we are not, but living less than a half mile from a greenbelt and having a lake in our backyard, we see tons of unique birds all the time and we love observing them. Imagine my excitement when I opened up our back door blinds last Friday morning and spotted this graceful beauty:
A bald eagle! I couldn't believe it- I've never seen one in the wild before, let alone in my back yard. I ran to find my zoom lens to snap a picture, and he stayed for about a half hour (he was munching on a dead goose) before flying away.

We are still doing really well at home with a new little one. Cameron loves her so much (maybe a little too much!) and kisses her all day long. Though it's still early in the game, I seem to be far less sleep deprived this time around too. Boy, do I love my babies.

Part of my unwritten, unofficial new years resolutions was to completely go through my closet and get rid of everything I don't wear anymore. I also wanted to get rid of all my pregnancy clothes (and normal clothes stretched out by pregnancy). I ended up getting rid of about 1/3 of my stuff and I'm ready for a new wardrobe- thankfully I have a bunch of gift cards and cash from Christmas and birthday saved for this purpose! It feels good to have so much stuff gone that has been collecting dust over the years.

I am so ready for spring (can I get an Amen?)! I can't wait to see my bulbs sprout up soon, and more importantly, I'm ready to stock up on these little pieces of heaven:Can I get another Amen?!


Ashlynn said...

Amen! We live in North Carolina and I was telling my husband that it has felt like Seattle for about 3 weeks now. Your babies are SOO cute! Congrats!

Annie said...

your kiddos are SO CUTE!!! :)
and i love cadbury eggs, yum! i actually love all candy and anything sweet currently ;)

Julie said...

You are not the only young bird watchers around. My husband who is 25 loves to bird watch! He goes on "field trips" to see different birds with the "typical" age group of bird watchers (65+). He loves it! Your children are beautiful, congratualtions!

Danielle said...

I'm seriously craving Cadbury eggs now! And warm spring weather :)

Tori and Chad said...

Amen times two!! And the babies are soooooooo cute!

Joi said...

My mom and step-dad love bird watching, too! They get so pumped to see bald eagles!

And, your babies are just too cute for words. I love seeing pics of them, L.

Matt & Jenny said...

Glad your maternity clothes are ready for me! I"ll be by to pick them up next week.

Kristen said...

gorgeous kids! Fantastic shot of the eagle! We live real close to the river and a few months out of the year there is a family of eagles that take up residence here... I love it, they're beautiful! Have fun shopping girl, I'm ready to get a new wardrobe myself but would rather lose about 30 pounds first!


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