Monday, September 12, 2011

Kylie is 8 months!

My sweet Kylie turned 8 months Saturday!

You are crawling faster and faster each day; your brother has learned not to leave his cups in your reach because you will steal a drink! And speaking of your brother, you certainly have a best friend in him (whether you like it or not). You are loved to pieces by him and he wants you near at all times. If you nap too long (which is twice a day, around 2 hours each) he will keep asking to wake you up until he hears you talking in your crib, at which point he runs like lightning to your room and bombards you, which makes you cry most days.
You have 2 teeth and are working on 4 more which explains your fussiness and your need to be attached to my hip if you are awake. It's pretty much the end of the world if I walk by you without stopping! My guess is that you weigh around 20 lbs right now- you are definitely starting to grow into your chunkiness! =) We rarely go anywhere without someone commenting on your bright blue eyes.
I love this girl with all my being!


~Jennifer said...

She's adorable!!! : )

Andi said...

Oh man, she is so gorgeous!! I can't believe it's been 8 months already, time really flies.

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Leslie - omg your daughter is seriously beautiful - where did the time go? 8 months???? You have a beautiful family :):)


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