Monday, December 5, 2011


My sweet Cameron turns three today (though I feel, from how big he looks in these pictures that he should be turning 5)! The amount of joy he brings to my (our) life is immeasurable. I wish he only knew.
The other day we were running some errands, and as we got out of the car, a nice elderly gentleman who was approaching the car next to ours asked Cameron his name. He responded "Cameron! What's your name?" The man matched Cameron's enthusiasm and told him his name was Frank.
The two went on to have a conversation lasting about a minute, with Cameron telling Frank his sister's name, informing him of his upcoming birthday, even telling him about the drywallers that had been working at our house that day.
I don't think Frank was ready for quite the earful that he got, but it was apparent that he was quite delighted by the conversation they had. I mention this story because I think it says a lot about who Cameron is: sweet, charming, smart and chatty. He is such a great kid and my life is truly enriched having him as a son!

Happy Birthday, Cameron!


Ashley said...

what a handsome little guy. definitely looks like he is older than 3!! goodness!

Natoria said...

Happy birthday Cameron!!

kari said...

Wow! Three already? I remember when you announced! Happy Birthday Cameron!

Molly said...

What a sweet boy! Happy third birthday to him. And that convo he had was soooo cute!

DianeTaylor said...

OMG what happened to that little boy? He looks so grown up!!! What a handsome son you have!


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