Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Birthday girl.

My sweet Kylie is one year old today! She entered the world on a day where snow was falling beautifully from the sky, covering everything in sight. I'll never forget it. It took us nearly 2 hours to drive to the hospital (a drive that usually takes under 15 minutes) and I feared we would be late for our 8:30 am check-in. A small part of me wishes that there was snow falling today, on her birthday, to make it that much more special. I suppose there will be plenty of years for that, and I should be grateful for the 60 degree weather we've been having on the regular!
I love this girl to death. I cant stop kissing her squooshy (yep, it's a word) little cheeks. She isn't walking just yet, which is OK by me because I love seeing her bum shake when she crawls. I'll miss that. In the last month or two, she has really started to pick up semi-recognizable words and become quite chatty. Her word for fish (and most other animals for that matter) is Pshhhhh! Pshhhh! Im really enjoying her personality! I remember Cameron being such a ham at this age and I see her following in his footsteps. I can't wait to see what these next few months bring!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Kylie!! She is beautiful, love those eyes! Yeah, no worries about the walking...talking though, that is pretty great! Maura just started last month and its so cool to hear all the different ways she pronounces thing and when she shortens the word because she can't say the whole thing, etc. She's 16 months today, working on her write up post now, and this is such a fun age! I was so sad when she turned one but now I'm loving having a toddler! OMG, a 2 hour drive in the snow to the hospital?! I would die!

Tori said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! I love the pretty blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kylie! What a happy memory of her birth. Althought I'm sure the drive to the hospital wasn't too happy, the snow-filled birth day is pretty special.

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Leslie - and yes I still read your blog. OMG it's been a year already? Time sure flies by, doesn't it? She is adorable - her eyes are just beautiful. Happy birthday to your little angel!


Lyndsay said...

OMG, she's one!?! Wow, where did that time go. She's gorgeous, btw, those eyes, wow. :)

Joi said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!


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