Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I wish I had a few more (uninterrupted) hours in each day to spend time on crafts and projects, like these little wood color matching peg dolls I made for Kylie. As much as I love a more complex, labor intensive project, I almost enjoy something as simple as this even more- especially since I completed it during the course of just two of her naps. How cute are these?

Cameron just finished up his first year as a Cubbie at Awana Club! I honestly wasn't so sure we'd make it until the end because he got pretty sad when I left him for the first few weeks (back in August). After the first month, it was smooth sailing and he couldn't wait to see his friends and teachers each Sunday!

My little Kylie has developed the curliest little blonde hair these last few months. It must be the humid weather- but I'm loving her curly tendrils. When I was pregnant with her, I wished for a baby who looked just like Cameron- one with dark eyes, dark features and dark hair. God must have laughed when I said that because she's the complete opposite with her light blue eyes and light golden hair. Really, I think the only similarity between them is their skin tone and nose. But darn it, they are both so stinkin' cute.


On a sad note, we lost our duck Cinco last week. Now that they are full grown, we've been letting them out during the day to roam as they please. They always stay together, mostly staying around our house with the occasional dip into the lake. We came home one day and Cinco was missing, so we're pretty sure he was taken by a snapping turtle. This was just a few days after an incident where Howard was attacked (again, most likely by a turtle) and got part of his upper bill torn off. It was pretty awful looking at first but he is much better and seems to be thriving as much as the others. I wish we could always protect them!


Sandy said...

Those are adorable! You are so talented! Can you post a tutorial on how you made those and what materials you used?!?! I would love to make them for my little girl :)

Julie said...

I just found your blog recently and I LOVE it! Your little girl's hair is SO cute and I can't believe that you made those little peg dolls-and it only took you two nap times, no way, that's awesome!

Leslie G said...

Sandy- hi! I'm posting here in hopes that you'll see this- the little wood peg dolls and pots came from JoAnns Fabric. I tried Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but didn't find pegs that fit inside the pots. I painted them with craft paint (the kind that is around 50 cents for a little bottle), doing 2 layers of paint each. Then, using a smaller brush, I did the collars on each girl, again doing 2 coats of paint. I then did their hair, bows, and drew their faces with a VERY fine sharpie pen. I finished with a clear gloss spray to protect them. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous idea! I love them! Thank you so much I am making them for my little girl!!!
- melissa

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you again! I made the wood dolls and pegs and my daughter LOVES them! Thanks so much!
- Melissa


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