Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Last week, we had a monster snowstorm roll through town (well, two actually). We got 20 inches of snow in under a week and we LOVED it! We've gone through the last few winters with just a dusting here and there, so it was awesome to be able to get out and play in it for several days! 

Kylie with our favorite neighbor-dog, Sadie

Cameron is officially enrolled in Pre-K! As excited as I am for him to start school, I really feel that my time at home with him is slipping away too quickly- and that makes me truly sad. I've made it a goal to really take advantage of my time with him by planning more activities, crafts, going more places, cooking more together- basically just having more fun and using our time together with more purpose.

Kylie has been quite the sassy pants lately. She is the queen of hilariously odd facial expressions- sometimes I look at her and think "She's a real person! A real, live, little person!" like I wonder how there's so much personality in a tiny little body. Any other moms ever think that about their kids?

I cannot believe it's March already. To me in feels like we were just opening presents at Christmas time, but here we are on the verge of Spring (yay!) and longer days (double yay!). As excited as I am about that, spring isn't here right now and I need some fresh green plants in my life already. I've gone to Lowe's a few times in the last week, getting a few potted houseplants and some herb and vegetable seeds to plant now. Several of them are sprouting and it's just enough to hold me over until things sprout outside. Spring come quickly!


Meredith said...

Love all these tidbits!

Lizzy starts preschool this fall. We were doing so well with a school routine, but have kind of fallen off the wagon...I've been thinking that we really need to get back into it and give our days more structure again too!

Freckles Chick said...

I can't believe how they've grown! Your post is reminding me to spend more quality time w/ Quinn DOING fun/educational things. Sometimes I get caught up in multi-tasking while she plays that I don't soak up the moments and/or maximize the opportunity to show her "the world".
Thanks =]

Ms Sassypants aka Kylie is the best lol. How does so much sass & class fit into such a tiny body?! Her eyes are AMAZING.


Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Seriously. Most adorable kids EVER. I love them. Enjoy your time with them! They grow so fast!


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