Monday, October 26, 2009

Snippets: on my plate.

My head is somewhat spinning these days, but in a good way. It seems as the holidays approach, time slips away and before we know it, we're in a brand new year, and things start to turn green again. When I stop and think about what's on my plate for the rest of the year, I feel as if I need to jump into a a machine that will replicate me into 2 or 3 people. One would just be a mom. The type who eats bon-bons and has dinner prepared and on the table by 6 o'clock. The other clone would work, design, run errands and and party plan. Here's what's on my busy plate for the rest of the year and early 2010.
  • Finishing invitation design for BFF's wedding, and starting invites for the bridal shower and a Christmas cocktail party my dad is in charge of.
  • Thanksgiving. I want to have ALL my Christmas shopping done beforehand.
  • Cameron's 1st birthday. I have a few things left to get for his birthday and still have to design a quick little invite to send out.
  • Christmas. When I think about the fact that I have 18 nieces and nephews (+ 3 more being born between Christmas and Valentines), and 13 brother and sister-in-law's, it makes me want to escape to an undisclosed (tropical) location for the month of December. I'd send out Christmas cards that said "Wish you we're here!!!!!!" with a picture of me surfing in a swimsuit and a Santa hat.
  • My 26th Birthday. Which I just might "forget" this year.
  • New Years.
  • Bridal Shower for my BFF the day after New Years. I'm hosting!!
  • Bachelorette party. Must build up tolerance.
  • BFF's wedding in April!
I think that's all that I can think of! Anyone else feel like this year FLEW by?


kari said...

Wow Leslie, you have so much going on! It is crazy how fast this year went by, it feels like it should still be summer.

Abby said...

I think this year flew by! I am stumped as for Christmas! How about I go with you to the tropical island and we can lounge together!

Meredith said...

Seriously. These last couple of months have dragggggggeeeeeedddd by on one hand, but then again, I was looking at a calendar the other day and could not believe that next week is November!

Kathy said...

"build tolerance" hahahahaha! ain't that the truth! you can do it Les!

Jeremy and Mindy said...

Gosh girl, I totally know what you mean. Busy busy busy.

BTW, you wouldn't happen to have any really cute birthday templates for a little girl you could sell me do ya????

mrs.leah.maria said...

Holy crap! How quickly it will escape you with a schedule like that!

Seeing as how Isaac came in April, instead of May, I still feel like it's spring . . .


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