Friday, March 19, 2010

A basement update.

So the painting downstairs has been done for awhile now- and I love it. Like, LOVE it. I ended up settling on Valspar's Frappe- my perfect greige. I'll admit that when I started rolling it on I was a little sad- it looked far more "beige" than grey. And I didn't want beige. But as the paint dried, I started to like it. And after a few days, I loved it!
Before: the grey/blue/green: I still love this color- it was just hard to deal with our entire basement being this color. Better suited for a bathroom, I think.
After: Valspar's Frappe... and ready for endless decor possibilities/accent colors.

I really wanted a greige primarily because I needed this paint to do double duty in the basement. I wanted the warmth of beige, as our leather couches are a dark brown. I also wanted the coolness of grey, because our office furniture (in the corner of the living room) is steel. Depending on the time of day and the amount of sunlight, the color is both warm and cool. I also happen to think that the color compliments the wood toned trim much better than the grey/blue it was previously.
clearance upholstery fabric I found- possibly some throw pillows?

So now, I just need to find my pops of color! My problem is that I'm not a person who can go out and just buy things to fill a room. I'm picky. I like to collect items over time, and from various places- not all in one Saturday at Pier 1 Imports. In fact, it could very well take a few years before the room feels finished, and that's OK. I've been in love with this neat fish print in the picture above (found via The Nest)- but I can't seem to locate the owner of the inspiration picture, nor find anything similar. So I've decided I'm going to paint a replica of it myself (probably not for a few months, though). I love the colors used and I'm just so drawn to the composition! I think it would be perfect to put on one of the walls down there.
Anyone still following? =) My ideas are all over the place, but I just wanted to give you guys an update. What do you think?


Joi said...

It looks great, L! I love that color and I am really envious of that fabric!

misc.alaina said...

The new color looks awesome - great job!! I really like the fish picture and can't wait to see what you come up with!

MsHark said...

Ohh I LOVE it! The new color came out awesome and just makes the room look amazing, well done!

BTW This is MsHark from the F&B board! I'm following you now! check out my blog, too!


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