Sunday, March 14, 2010

The bachelorette dress & answered questions.

Hello friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I did, though it went way too fast. This weekend was my friend's bachelorette party- and I wore the cutest dress made by my sister (thanks, sis!). I blogged here about the inspiration dress from Express- and here's what my dress ended up looking like:
I wore a cheapo necklace from Claire's that I already had, and my Joan & David platforms that I already owned as well. Here's another pic:
My BF's, sorority sisters and college roommates.
I seriously love this dress. I got several compliments on it! This weekend was a blast- but it definitely proved that I am TOO old to stay out so late. The time change didn't help either. Oh well, I had so much fun! And now, to answer a few questions that I got the other day:

MrsMessi asked...What about your body during the first week post-partum surprised you
the most? I had a lot of swelling in my ankles the first week post partum. They had almost tripled in size! My belly went down pretty quickly (but resembled a deflated balloon found behind a couch 2 weeks after the party, if you know what I mean). I remember buying clothes while I was still pregnant (to wear after the baby) and I would buy everything a size up from my normal clothing. To my surprise, most of those clothes I bought ended up being too big and droopy after just a few weeks. I had a c-section, so there was a lot of pain- but I felt pretty good as long as I was on top of taking my pain killers.
Joi asked...Any thoughts/plans for baby #2? We definitely want one more baby, and sooner than later. I'd love to have a little girl, but my husband constantly informs me that "he doesn't make girls." =) On the other hand, it might be kinda fun to be the queen of a house full of boys!
Megan asked...Is Cameron a picky eater? Yes, but I don't think he's picky beyond what's normal for a kid his age. He loves anything cheese, so I've learned that if I want him to eat his veggies, they have to be hidden in it. One idea that has worked really well for us are cheese quesidillas. I'll buy whole wheat tortillas, shredded cheese, and add things like chopped turkey, chicken, broccoli, carrots, etc. He also really isn't in to fruits right now, so I'll give him a cup of 100% fruit juice at breakfast, promising 2 whole fruit servings! A few other tips: I heard somewhere that if a kid refuses a certain food or vegetable, that you should still offer it to them until he refuses it 10 times. Sometimes it just takes them that long to realize that they like or dislike something. Also, it's your job to provide your child healthy options. It's their job to eat it. In other words, don't force them to eat a particular food. If they aren't eating their carrots, try again in a few days, or a few weeks. Some days they'll eat it, other days they won't. I have found lots of great food ideas at, too.
Meredith asked...What's the best vacation you've been on? Our honeymoon to Hawaii is definitely one of my favorites. We visited the islands of Oahu and Kauai. There are so many reasons (and not enough time!) I could list why I think Hawaii is an amazing place- but the spirit of Hawaii and its beauty is something I can't describe. One of my other favorite vacations- for very different reasons- was a road trip to Durango, Colorado (blogged here ). If I could have a second home anywhere in the States, it would be in Colorado somewhere, preferably Durango. It's so breathtaking there.
...and what's the best meal you make? I love making Giada DiLaurentis' Turkey Meatballs when I have time. I also make tacos quite a bit, per the request of the husband. I fry the tortillas in a little bit of Canola oil, and serve them with taco meat, and all the fixings. did you guys decide to have Cameron (or did you)? We weren't really trying but we weren't really preventing either. =)

Thanks to everyone who asked questions! Don't forget to enter my giveaway below if you haven't already. Wednesday is the last day!


Anonymous said...

The dress looks great on you! You look amazing!
Cameron is adorable, you should definitely make another one, but a girl version ;)

C @ Project Pretty said...

Wow, what a talented sister! I can't believe she made that dress! You look gorgeous! :)

mrs.leah.maria said...

That dress was made for you! Oh wait, no I mean it was, but you look beautiful in it. :)

Love the A's, especially about C's eating habits!

Joi said...

I love that dress! Can your sister make more? ; )


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