Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home sweet home.

This weekend we took a little road trip up to Nebraska to see some of my family. My grandpa recently moved there to a care home, and I hadn't seen him in several years (since my wedding, maybe?) , so I wanted to make a trip there to see him.
me, my grandpa, and my tired, crabby boy.

Saturday we went to the Omaha Zoo- which was really awesome. We have a very nice zoo here in Wichita, but the Omaha Zoo is on a whole different level. The attention to detail in each of the exhibits is outstanding. We got to the zoo right after opening, and by lunch time, it felt like Disney World because the Zoo was so crowded. It was so much fun (even though I only have a few pictures to show for it!)

Cameron and I battled colds all weekend, so needless to say, he was crabby for the majority of the weekend. We actually had one of the worst nights on Friday since he was a newborn; he was awake from 1:00am to about 5:45, tossing around the bed and wanting to play. I'm sure it was hard for him being in an unfamiliar place, sleeping in a pack and play that he's too big for, and being sick. We had a great time this weekend, but I'm sure glad we're home (especially after running out of gas just 8 miles from our house). I'm ready to take some Sudafed and call it a night!


Jessica said...

looks like fun! Matt and I have been to the omaha zoo and loved it.. it really is great. I can't wait until we can take Gracie:) oh and sorry about the gas situation!

Kristen said...

we love the omaha zoo! I've heard that St Louis has a great zoo too


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