Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

*I realize it's now Tuesday- I meant to post this on Sunday evening, but fell asleep at my laptop before I uploaded the pictures. Monday came and went...*

If I were to request a perfect day for an outdoor wedding, I would ask for plentiful sun, a very light breeze, and a temperature of about 70 degrees. Saturday's weather was just that- so it worked out perfect that my friend could tie the knot under those very conditions. April weather in Kansas can bring snow, rain, thunderstorms and very unpleasant winds (as we have experienced for about 2 weeks straight), so an outdoor wedding can really be a gamble. In my opinion, Saturday was the most perfect day we've had all year.
It was such a fun weekend- and I am just now starting to feel like I am caught back up from the festivities. Cameron attended the wedding, but we took him to Grandma's to stay the night (his first night away from us!) so that we could enjoy ourselves and not have to chase after a toddler all evening. Here's a few pictures (out of about 100+ I took)from the wedding!
Congrats Carly and Branden!


JMay said...

Those dresses are gorgeous, You look so pretty! :-)

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful, you all look fantastic in that pale yellow! Your friend was a stunning bride!

Joi said...

Hey L...I'd like your complexion please! ; )

Sarah said...

Aw! Glad they had such a beautiful day! You look smokin' in that dress, its great with your skin tone. And so fun that you guys had your first full night without Cam, although I bet you missed him!

Hey, you should play Mood Board Monday with us this week...we need all the peeps we can get:)

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Leslie - omg you look just beautiful. Congrats to the bride and thanks for sharing your pics with us. What a perfect day for a wedding!


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