Friday, March 11, 2011


I promise that it is not my intention to make this blog into a one-post-a-month-about-what-we're-doing blog. But it's happening, and such is my life right now. You know on the opening sequences of The Simpson's where Bart is always writing sentences on the chalkboard (I will NOT draw naked ladies in class. I will NOT draw naked ladies in class...)? I totally feel like Bart right now, only I'm writing "I will not abandon my blog. I will not abandon my blog...". I'm trying my best to get back to regular blogging- bear with me!

Kylie is 2 months old! I love that little girl to death, but I'll be honest: I'm ready for her to grow up a little faster. I have loved every second of the toddler stage with Cameron, and I can't wait until I can hold cute little conversations with her. I can't stop kissing those cheeks.
And on that note, I'm sad to report that I'm going bald again. Ok, so maybe I'm not going bald, but I'm losing a LOT of hair, just as I did post partum with Cameron. It's noticeable, and well, it sucks. I suppose that's what I get since I didn't have an ounce of morning sickness, eh?

I'm so anxious for consistent warm weather so I can get into the garage and start working on some projects. I've desperately been needing a work area and place to store all my tools, so my plan is to design and build a large work bench/table. I'm pretty sure I've got enough scrap wood to do this, so it should be a free project! After I do that, I plan on building a small side table for our upper deck so we have a place to set our coffee when we sit outside in the mornings.

I realize it's a little early, but I have already ordered Kylie's first birthday gift! Cameron got a Pottery Barn Anywhere chair for his first birthday, and so will Kylie. I was able to snag this lavender dot cover on clearance for 19.99- it doesn't get cheaper than that! Unfortunately it's on back order until next month, but I'm not sweatin' it since I don't need it until next January. I wasn't about to pass on that deal!
Until next time, friends!


Nicole said...

I've lost a bunch of hair too. What is up with that? I can't believe how much is on my bathroom floor when I sweep - which needs to occur on an almost daily basis!

Ashley said...

Oh man I lost SOO much hair after Ryann was born. I have a ton, so it wasn't too obvious. If of course you weren't looking at my bathroom floor.

I'm glad I'm not losing it anymore, but the regrowth is kind of ridiculous. I almost always look like I stuck my finger in an outlet!

Meredith said...

The hair loss sucks. Ugh.

She is getting so big already! Definitely out of that squishy sleepy newborn stage!

Anonymous said...

She's such a sweet little beauty-I miss those precious baby cheeks so much.

My hair STILL sheds like crazy after having kids. It's so wild how so much can change.
Glad to see you're doing well!


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