Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Perfect Pizza.

For as long as I can remember, pizza has been one of my favorite foods, hands down. It's in our dinner rotation once a week, usually on Fridays and once more if there is a college basketball game we want to watch on TV ( sidenote: my alma mater Wichita State is playing for the NIT championship on Thursday- woop!). Until recently, our pizza has always been take out; the greasy, cheesy take out. I'd eat 4 slices and (obviously) have big regrets a few hours later.

I got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my birthday last December, and since then I've been doing a lot of experimenting making pizza dough at home. I've gone through about 4-5 different recipes, some good, some just so-so. I was determined to find the perfect dough recipe- one that was not only tasty, but simple enough to throw together in a short time.

I ran across a great food blog several weeks ago called Annie's Eats. I found an excellent dough recipe there; it's crusty and chewy, and tastes fantastic. The best part is that the recipe makes 2 pizzas, so I make a pizza immediately and freeze the other half for the following Friday. I expected to have to do a little of my own experimenting but her recipe is perfect, as is.
half 3 meat, half chicken, bacon and ranch.

Even if you have a dough recipe you like, you might learn something new from her pizza making tips and tricks. You also might like her recipe for chicken ranch pizza- this is my new favorite!

Now I'm craving it!


Kristen said...

looks delicious!

Joi said...

Girl, that looks so yummy! I actually have been craving homemade pizza lately and this post seals the deal!

animal print gal said...

Oh my! I think I smell the cheese!


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