Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kylie is 3 months old!

Time is a flyin'. I thought time flew by fast with one kid, but it goes by even faster with two. It's hard to believe that next month we'll be trying solids!

We're starting to see a little more of her sweet personality each day! This girl smiles all the time now and is a very happy baby. Unfortunately, she got sick for the first time this month too. Last week, she came down with a cold and an ear infection. It was really rough for her, and rough for me as well to see her like that. Cameron had the same thing the week prior, so we knew it was a matter of time before she got it too. That boy loves to kiss, hug, and breathe the same air as her. If he can't see her, he's asking where she is. He is constantly telling her that he loves her, and says things like "aw, she's so cute!" and "you a big girl Ky Ky! You take all your medicine!" He'll see her laying on her playmat and say "Come here Kylie, I hold you!" He will also very loudly announce that "SHHHHHHH KYLIE IS SLEEPING!!!!! whenever she's asleep in her carseat and someone is checking her out. It's pretty sweet.
I've been really bad about taking pictures of just Kylie. Whenever I get the camera out, you-know-who jumps right in for a photo op with his little sister. Hopefully soon I'll get some good pictures of just her but for now, I'm just happy he loves to be around her.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

She's getting so big! Love how Cameron loves her so much. <3

Anonymous said...

They are just so precious!!!

Sarah said...

3 months already! Wow! I loved that stage, a lot was happening. It is so sweet how much Cameron loves his little sister, that is awesome!!

Nicole said...

What a proud big brother!

Kristen said...

those are great pics! Sometimes it's hard to get individual pics without making the big brother feel left out! :)


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