Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gone December

Hello dear friends and family! I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday season! For us, it seems like the weeks that surround Christmas are just one, giant celebration- with Cameron's birthday, my birthday, and Kylie's birthday all crammed into a few weeks. It really is such a special time of year!

We started off December with Cameron's birthday. We had a party with a few of his cousins on his actual birthday, and a sleepover with some of his boy cousins that weekend.

We also took our annual trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. The kids had a great time as they always do. It's hard to believe that the first time we came, Kylie was a fresh little newborn- now, she's almost 3!

Carriage ride on the Kansas City Plaza. The lights were so pretty!

We take advantage of EACH and EVERY nice day there is in the winter time.

We crafted and made ornaments all month long! 

One of my sweet nieces, Brittney, got engaged right before Christmas! I had the incredible opportunity to be able to take pictures for them on such a beautiful, snowy day. In fact, the snow was falling as we were out taking pictures- it was so much fun. And the timing was perfect- the very next day it was so sunny and the snow melted instantly. I am so, so happy for her!

Christmas was truly wonderful. With the kids birthdays being so close to Christmas, we really scale down the amount of gifts we buy. Also, I don't ever want my kids to feel entitled to a bunch of gifts at Christmas. When we would talk about Christmas it was about the true Christmas story in Matthew (or Luke) and about the birth of a Savior. In our Bible study (BSF) that the kids and I attend, we have been studying Matthew so I think that really hit home with them.

I am so excited to share soon, some big updates to our house! We are in the process of selecting new floors on the main level and countertops in our kitchen. It's all happening so quick and hopefully it will be done over the next month. Until then! =)


kari said...

I can't believe how big your kids have gotten!

Joi said...

You guys are si dang cute! I love following along! I can't believe your babies are like kids. Know what I mean?!


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