Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kylie turns 3!

Kylie is officially 3! I'm a little late with her birthday update (she turned 3 on the 10th) so I thought I'd better update before January was actually over! We had such a fun time spoiling her on her special day. On the evening before her birthday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for a little fun with the family, and on her actual birthday we celebrated at one of our favorite hibachi restaurants for dinner.

Kylie is a little bit sassy and and is definitely more independent of the two. She doesn't crave or give affection quite like Cameron does, but she still shows her sweetness from time to time. She is much more adventurous than her brother, so open to trying new foods and other things. She is a coffee lover, and most mornings will ask for her own (little) cup of coffee. Last month when we were in Kansas City at The Great Wolf Lodge, we were doing a bit of shopping and Kylie was tired and on a short fuse. While we were inside a store Cameron was harassing her (as he often does) and she wasn't having it. All of a sudden she bursts into tears and screams "I JUST WANT COFFEE!! I JUST. WANT. COFFEE!!" It was a hilariously epic meltdown witnessed by many, and within seconds of exiting the store, she was asleep on my shoulder. Poor girl just wanted some coffee!
She is into everything girly- princesses, bows, jewelry... you name it! I love having a girl so much.

Kylie is definitely a daddy's girl, these two are just so sweet to each other. Jon even got her a bouquet of flowers for her birthday to put in her room. He's such a great dad and the relationship they have is so special!

I made Kylie an Ariel cake for her birthday and it turned out OK, especially for piping it all on (instead of cutting out shapes out of fondant). It took me forever though and I probably won't ever do anything quite that fancy ever again, ha! 
I don't think I will ever get over how incredibly blessed I feel to be her mom. Sometimes I look at her and can't believe that this life we live is indeed real, not just a dream. I just love her to death! 


fifth house on the left | family blog said...

very cute! can't believe she is turning 3 already! time sure flies. happy birthday kylie!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Kylie!!!! She is so adorable. 3 is fun, isn't it? (except for the drama and meltdowns!) I always forget that she is so close in age to Maura. Sounds like you guys had a great time!!! You did a fantastic job with Ariel! I would totally be scared to try something like that. Phew, I'm so glad I am not the only one with a kid who likes coffee!!! Is it terrible that I always let her drink some of mine?

DianeTaylor said...

HOLYCRAP - I seriously cannot blieve your baby girl is 3 years old. Love these pics - she is such a cutie. Just like her mama!!!

Molly said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. Three is fun (and crazy) but mostly fun :)

Freckles Chick said...

Happy Birthday, Kylie!! Just when I think she can't get more darling. What a doll. That "I just want coffee" meltdown is still my favorite--still laughing. And the pic of her & daddy melts my heart. They're such buddies!

PS. Quinn's not much of a snuggler either. Miss Independent, that's for sure. Sassy & a bit smart-assy ;-)

Freckles Chick said...

Also? THAT CAKE!!!! You got major cake skills.


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