Monday, July 7, 2008

My love/hate relationship with Dillon's (the grocery store).

Can I vent?
Let me just preface by saying that I hate to grocery shop. More importantly, I hate grocery shopping at Wal-mart, even though the have the cheapest groceries. Because of Wal-mart's inconvenient location in route to my house, the ghetto-ness of the people who shop there, and the lack or service/help when you need it, I usually will bypass Walmart and head for Dillons.
So, Dillons... while it seems I can rack up a $75 grocery bill in just 10 minutes, I prefer to shop at their quieter, cleaner facilities. I love the fact that if I have a unlocated ingredient on my list, there is someone around to point me into the right direction. And there are an abundance shaggy-haired highschool boys who are always eager to take my groceries to my car for me. AND there is parking for expectant mothers (though I have yet to park there). But, on 3 separate occasions, I have gotten home without all of my groceries. This last occurence happened just the other day- I bought a bunch of stuff, got home, put all my groceries away, and that was that. In the process of making hummus yesterday, I realized my pita bread was NOWHERE to be found. Neither were my bagels. I searched high and low, in my car, in the kitchen, NADA. So I dug the receipt out of the trash, marched to Dillons, and got what I paid for. And that was that.
Fast foward to this morning. I always have yogurt on my way to work (or first thing when I get there), so I opened up my fridge and the yogurt I bought didn't make it home either. Yet, I failed to realize this last night when I was at Dillons getting the other things that didn't get home with me. I look on the receipt to make sure I had actually purchased the yogurt, and sure enough, 6 little cartons of Yoplait yogurt. Missing from my fridge.
So yeah, I'm a little peeved. Yet I don't think $3 dollars worth of yogurt warrants another trip to Dillons-the 4th trip in 4 days. So I'll sit here, wondering why one of those shaggy haired boys couldn't have run after me in the parking lot to deliver my purchased-left-behind goods. I suppose I can't rely on their attentiveness, and I'll have to start double checking before I leave the pay stand.
Vent, over.

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mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm annoyed at very infrequent occurances of that, let alone so many in one week!


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