Sunday, July 20, 2008

Right on.

Today was Jon's birthday, and although our weekend was fairly uneventful, he wanted it that way. We spent the weekend lounging around, neglecting chores and work, and simply enjoyed each other's company- something we haven't had the opportunity to do lately. Last night, I treated him to a birthday dinner of his choice, P.F Changs. I handed it to him; it was a excellent choice (even though I'm not big on Chinese food) and the best meal we've had in quite some time! Our waiter was great and suggested some good dishes. At the end of our meal, he brought our tab, and a few fortune cookies (which, for the record, I think are pretty gross). But I opened the cookie, as I always do, and the fortune read this:

I couldn't believe how right on this little fortune was. I smiled, and stowed it in my wallet, saving it to put in a baby book someday.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Happy Birthday to Jon! I love PF Changs!

Love the fortune as well. :)

kari said...

How perfect was that fortune? And I LOVE PF Changs. Happy Birthday Jon!


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