Monday, September 8, 2008

He Loves...

Ok, Ok. I know I talk about my husband a lot. But I was inspired when I read "He Loves" from Bryn's blog to post a few things that my husband loves. Here goes!

1. Fishing. He loves to fish. Early in our relationship, he lived in a house where he could literally walk out of his back door and throw his fishing poll into the creek (same creek he lost AND found his wedding ring) and catch a 20 lb catfish. I could have walked out there naked while he was fishing, and he would never notice. Back then, I often took 2nd place in his life, next to fishing. =)

2. Talking about Fishing. If you know or have met a true fisherman, the subject is likely to come up in a conversation. He'll talk your ear off about fishing, and about the "would-have-been-state-record" catch that got away.

3. Family. And with a family as big as his, there's a lot to love.

4. Mowing/weed-eating/anything yard related. After he gets done mowing (which is often more than the yard really needs) He will ask me to come outside to the back porch and admire how perfect the lines in the grass are. He'll then usually say something like "I did a good job, huh?"
How fitting, that as I write this post I can hear him edging the yard, providing me with a perfect photo opportunity.

5. His pregnant wife.

6. Potatoes. He loves 'em, and I hate 'em. We're a perfect match because at restaurants, he gets my portion.

7. Reptiles. When we were first dating, he had 2 leopard geckos, a tokei gecko, 2 bearded dragons (which we're in the process of finding loving homes for) and an alligator. I had to (lightly) put my foot down to get rid of most of these creatures, but I know better when it comes to the alligator. We still have him, and someday when he passes on to gator heaven, he will make a great little purse for me.

Your turn! Post a few things that your significant other loves.


kari said...

You look SOOOO CUTE Leslie! I love it!

Jeremy and Mindy said...

That's just cute, and LOVE the belly pic, I want to see more =) You're looking adorable! How's the nursery coming?

Sea Squared said...

There's the belly pic! You look adorable Leslie!!

I think our Hubs were separated at birth. Mine eats, sleeps and breathes fishing. It's all he talks and thinks about.

And the whole lawn thing - my Hubs also is obsessed.

Abby said...

You might be the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!

Heath said...

Thanks, friend! I miss you and our nestie days. You look sooooo stinkin' cute!

Heath said...

And, LOL at that gator purse! Grow him big so he can make two! One for you, and one for me!

Freckles Chick said...

Firstly, you're the cutest knocked up lady I've ever seen =) (I remember you from my Nestie days!)

Secondly, your DH's "loves" are adorable.

Lastly, my Hubs had 2 leopard geckos when we met in college too. He'd try to impress me by taking them out of their cage so I could hold them......well, not so much, so I found other things I could love about him =)

(I wandered onto your cute blog from fioretta's.)


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