Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sayonara, Summer!

Hit the road. Adios. Pouf! Be gone.
These days, summer months seem to go as fast as they come. It occurred to me yesterday while celebrating summer's end with a neighborhood BBQ that the situation felt all too familiar; it seemed like we had just lit the charcoal for the first time and had the inaugural neighborhood grill-out to kick off the summer. So how'd the time fly so quickly? Back when I was in school, summer break seemed more like light years, and I was itching to get back to school after 2 weeks of vacation (spent watching countless episodes of Salute your Shorts).
I gotta be honest. I still get sick of summer real fast. I'm not a summer girl, and I just don't like it. Between mother's/father's day, 3 national holidays, 2 million family birthdays (ok, maybe not 2 million, but definitely a ballpark figure here) it seems we're attending BBQ's at least once a week. Sometimes, twice in one day. That equates to A LOT of hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks, and right about now, I'd rather chew my arm off than have another meat concoction between a bun. Summer break is also tough, as going nearly 4 months without my all time favorite show, Desperate Housewives, is detrimental to my well being.
I'm ready for a cool, crisp night and a hearty bowl of chili. I love observing the changing leaves of fall and making apple pie on Saturday afternoons. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy gathering with family and friends over good food, but summer is OVERKILL.
So good riddance, summer. See ya next year.


kari said...

I agree, and I LOVED Salute Your Shorts!

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

LOL at Salute your Shorts! I loved that show! Camp Onawona, we hold you in our hearts...
When are we going to see some more belly pics?? Now, please!

Sea Squared said...

You crack me up girl. I have to beg to differ, I am not ready for summer to go yet. The snow will be flying in MN before we know it so I would like to savor whatever summer days we have left!

Amen Erin ~ BELLY PICS!!!!

Leslie G said...

Ok, ok! I'll see what I can do in regard to some belly pics. =)


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