Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday's thoughts...

1. I am really, really tired of the little gnats that have been flying around my house. This summer, we had an ant problem in the kitchen. Now, it's gnats. We (ok, I) keep a tidy home! If I were a ant or a gnat, I'd rather invade a home that has food and dirty dishes left out on the counter, wouldn't you?

2. Jon had been bugging harassing me about getting a 4-wheeler lately. He claims that he has a "toy fund" for things like this, and buying one wouldn't set us back. I've been a little more frugal about money lately- I'm working a drastically reduced schedule at work, and my maternity leave I'm about to take will be unpaid. I also tell him that with the current state of the economy, his said "toy fund" should really become an emergency fund for "just in case." That wasn't what he wanted to hear, of course. He calls me the "fun police."

3. I've been debating doing this "picture project" I keep hearing about- Project 365. Basically, you take a picture a day, documenting an entire year of your life and surroundings. I thought it would be a really neat thing to do, but I think it would be tough to remember to take a pic everyday (like taking a daily pill- I always forget!). Anywhoo, I'm compromising and doing my own project- Project 52. I think I can handle this. So, once a week I'll take a picture of something-anything- and post it here. Perhaps when the baby comes, I'll do a separate project for him, too. I need you to hold me to this, OK?


fioretta said...

Oooh, I've been thinking of doing something like Project 365 myself. And it didn't help when just the other day I came across a couple were doing the project and I was all inspired... but I have a hard enough time leaving the house with my shoes every day, never mind a camera. I may have to "borrow" your idea if you deem me worthy! 52 seems much more doable!

kari said...

I will definitely hold you to it. Especially a project for your baby, I want to see lots of pictures once he's here.

Kathy said...

I don't blame you for being the fun police, just say no the 4-wheeler!
I hate the gnats too, i don't know how they get in but they drive me crazy!

Marcia said...

Regarding item #2, and as someone who works with brain-injured patients (some of whom have met distaster from atop an ATV, I'm with you Leslie. Joy aside, it's nice to have all your brain functions intact!


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